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code wizard" ParaS oft" CodeWizard® prevents C/C++ errors and slashes your debugging time 'Code Wizard is awesome. I am recommending our management to purchase at least 5 copies .... ParaSol/ has a lot to offer to the world of C++ development.' -Piyush Shaw, Arrowsmith Technologies, Inc. CodeWizard~ is a tool that helps you prevent errors by automatically performing static analysis on CIC++ code. The first thing you'll notice about CodeWizard is that it cuts down on the thing you hate the most: debugging. Preventing errors with CodeWizard is painless and saves you time in the long run . =----,==---~::1 1 :--~-,r.;~~~~--~3~· .......... ... ..... o ...w::. odJ•• ~1&111 "-.1>111 . U!ll ' I!!J With a few clicks, you can tell CodeWizard to enforce only the standards that are most important to you at a particular stage of your project. Using the RuleWizard feature , you can point and click to build your own sophisticated coding standards. RuleWizard guides you through the coding standard building process and lets you know when your coding standard is ready for enforcement by CodeWizard. You won't have any problem adding CodeWizard to your arsenal of development tools, because it installs directly into Windows and UNIX development environments. In Microsoft Developer Studio, you'll begin testing with a single click of the CodeWizard icon. On UNIX platforms, CodeWizard is a wrapper around the compiler. Learn a few simple commands, and you'll be on your way to cleaner code. If you would like to prevent errors with a customizable tool that conforms to your development cycle, download CodeWizard today .f at, ~..:=---------...:::.;::...~~ or call (888)305-0041 for more information. CodeWizard automatically enforces a sophisticated set of C/C++ coding standards. These language-specific rules are designed by industry experts such as Scott Meyers to help you avoid dangerous coding constructs. CodeWizard parses your code, clearly displays violations of the coding standards, and gives you all the information you need to make repairs, including suggestions on better coding constructs. Follow CodeWizard's coding suggestions, and you 'll immediately begin to write cleaner, more reliable code. The key to CodeWizard is that you can customize the program to fit your development schedule. ParaS oft mi

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