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Strong ARM® designs UniSTAC™ for UniSTACTM is a full-featured, high-end development system for StrongARM®SA-lllO designs Powerful In-Circuit Emulator featuring: 8 M&ytes emulation memory, non-intrusive real-time trace capture and display, and support for hardware breakpoints. •In-Circuit Emulator Features: • 64K frames real-time bus trace • 8 Mbytes emulation memory • 4 hardware breakpoints • Unlimited software breakpoints available • Program performance analysis and code coverage •sophia's Target Interface • Sophia original connector-without removing CPU • Adapters also available for BGA256 •Advanced GUI source level debugger Watchpoint• Sophia's powerful high-level language debugger hosted on Windows"95/98,WindowsNr Watchpoint is registered trademarks of Sophia Systems Co.,Ltd . UniSTAC~ is a trademark of Sophia Systems Co.,Ltd. StrongARM' is registered trademarks of Advanced RISC Machines. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property Sophia Systems Co.,Ltd. of their respective holders and should be treated as such. ARM Intel Fujitsu IBM Sophia Sytems solutio Hitachi SH-4,SH7751 ,SH7065,SH7615,SH7709/09A SH7729,SH7055,SH-1 ,SH-2,SH-3,SH7040 SH7050,SH7011/16/17,H8S/2000,H8/300H,H8/300 ARM7TDMII!\, ARM9TDMI ' StrongARM

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