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HERE'S A NO-NONSENSE MESSAGE ABOUT OUR TOTAL TELECOM SOLUTION. DON'T BE FOOLED BY ITS SIMPLICITY. Only RadiSys offers the total telecommunications solution . A olurio n thi s complete is ha rd ro pull off. A lor of vend o rs o ffe r different pa rts o f re lecom so luti o ns. Only Ra d i5ys h as th e vis io n a nd tec hni ca l ex perti se to de li ve r rh e to ta l, in teg ra ted so luti o n ac ross bo th PCI a nd CompactP I a rc hitectures . Ra di5ys has acquired Texas Micro, and is now positio ned ro redefin e how the ma rk et is bu ying OEM embedded telecommunica tio ns systems. Now you ca n let us put th e rota l solution rogeth er. Down load o ur comprehensive white paper o n 557, a nd find o ur how simple ir is ro get rh e rota! solu tion from o ne so urce a t www. ra di, o r ca ll 1-877-837-6859. Intel" _Gofl?~~~jpg Provider Applied 'F,._adiSvs. "'

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