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Morgan Kaufmann Publishers be an e __ :x:_ J? _ _ e __ r _ t: Wayne Wolf ISBN 1-55860-541-X; 650 pages; $64.95 "This book is the flrst to bring embedded systems technology and techniques together under a single cover. The author provides a practical overview of the many interrelated issues that must be addressed during the complete design cycle of an embedded computer system." -Randolph E. Harr, Director of Research, Advanced Technology Group (ATG), Synopsys Inc. Information Appliances and Beyond: Interaction Design for Consumer Products Edited by Eric Bergman ISBN 1-55860-600-9; 384 pages $44.95 Information Appliances and Beyond -·--·· .. ~'c ·-~·~\ \: , ~ \ ... -- "This book is both visionary and practical: future consumer el ctronics, toys, and games need gr at usability or customers will abandon them. 'My new cell phone is so complicated that I need a two-week training class!' ot!" -Jakob Nielsen, Usability Guru, Nielsen Norman Group See MIPS Run Dominic Sweetman ISBN 1-55860-410-3; 512 pages $49.95 See M PS Run Dominic Sweetmnn " ... this book is the best combination of completeness and readability of any book on the MIPS architecture ... " -from the foreword by John L. H ennessy It's all here, from the nuts and bolts of a programming refer- ence to the big picture that only a true expert can deliver. Linkers and loaders are among the most ubiquitous software elements, but until now, there has been no comprehensive book addressing the ins and outs of these compile-time and run-time processes. Create faster, cleaner code; save space and enhance performance; learn to use linkers and loaders to their greatest advantage. Web: Email: Phone: 800.745.7323/407.345.3800 Fax: 800.874.6418/407.345.4060 An Imprint of Academic Press t\ l larcoun Science & Technology Company Look for our titles in your local bookstore! Linkers & Loaders John Levine ISBN 1-55860-496-0; 272 pages $36.95 Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Sytems Design

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