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One Size Doesn't Fit All Our baby I/O-rich embedded PC is ideal for cost-sensitive applications.* For more application flexibility, consider our Mama Bear 16/32-bit embedded PCs.* Our Papa Bear embedded PCs are just right for complex, high throughput, big jobs.* Same is True with Embedded PCs It's no fairy tale. You shouldn't settle for less than an optimum fit between your application needs and an embedded PC. If, for example, you need Linux operation, a V40 processor isn't appropriate. Or, if DOS is your choice, you may not need Pentium'" power. Our reasonable integration approach and top notch engineering and technical support can help you make the optimum choice and assist you through application development. The result: a just right match of your requirements for PC compatibility and whatever specific mix of I/0 works best for you, all on one board. Select from I/0 like 12-bit AID and D/A converters, 82C55 digital I/0 and Ethernet. We include pre-installed firmware to run your favorite operating system from poweron so you don't have to struggle with boot loaders. Our Micro/sys embedded PC story is platform reality, not story book fancy. For more details, call or log onto our Web site today. 2000 Micro/sys. AU brand and/or product names listed are registered trademarks of their respective owners. * Please see our Web site for complete specifications of each board for your application. Visit our Web site at ~-~~=::::~: 3730 Park Pla ce, Montrose, CA 91020 Voice 1818) 244-4600 Fax 1818) 244-4246

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