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News Vectors Merger Forms New Interactive Television Technology Company OpenTV Corp., which provides technology for digital television sys- tems, completed a merger with Spyglass Inc, an Internet consulting company. The new company, which will continue on under the name OpenTV, aims to provide internet technology and services for the cable and satellite television industry. OpenTV's notion seems to be that the new company's combination of television software experi- ence and broadband Internet expertise will allow it to take advan- tage of the oft-predicted convergence of the two media. In addition, Spyglass brings a U.S. presence to OpenTV, which, in its previous incarnation, was largely an international organization. More Merger News LynuxWorks, known until recently as Lynx Real-Time Systems, merged with Integrated Software and Devices. Under the terms of the agreement. LynuxWorks will acquire ISD Corp. through a stock swap transaction whereby newly issued LynuxWorks shares will be exchanged for all oustanding shares of ISD Corp. The motivation behind the deal was the expectation that it would enable LynuxWorks to offer a broader range of scaleable embedded Linux products to the marketplace. In addition, LynuxWorks will now have Linux support for a wider variety of processors, including those from ARM and MIPS. Reza Soliman-Noori , chairman and CEO of ISD, will serve as vice chairman of the combined companies. Dr. William Hogan will contin- ue as president of LynuxWorks and Art Swift of ISD will become CEO of LynuxWorks. All will report to Inder Singh, present CEO and chair- man of LinuxWorks. Briefly noted ... The OSE RTOS from Enea OSE Systems now supports the MPC7400 PowerPC Microprocessor. * VirtJo announced its formal launch, as well as th e introduction of a vl'eb site for on-line vinual prototyping of em- bedded systems product. * eMatlon, a provider of Internet infrastn1cture, acquired Intuitive Technology Corp., a suppl ier of lmernet technolo- gy for tJ1 e manufacturing indusuy * IKOS Systems' VLE emulator was used by MlPS to verify multiple operating systems for tJle MIPS64 Kc 6+bit processor core. * Sky Computers, a subsidiary of Analog Corp., named Carnation Technology of Beijing the exclusive distributor for its em- bedded computer systems in tJle People's Republic of China. * Hewlett- Packard inked a seven-year multimillion dollar licensing agreement with Delphi Automotive Systems to embed l-IP's ChaiVM vinual machine and ChaiA\VT graph ics d isplay software in a mobi le multimedia product now under development. * Puma Technology, an Internet software company, wants to change its name to PUMATECH. The company will put in a request to this effect at its annual meeting of stockholders in Decembe r. * An all iance has been formed between ZF Llnux Devices and Phoenix Technologies, in which the PhoenixBIOS will be bundled with the MachZ PC-on-a-chip. * Wind River Systems has parmered with ZF Linux to provide the VxWorks RTOS for use in embedded appli- cations with ZF's MachZ. LynuxWorks has also partnered with ZF Linux, tJ1is time to bundle LynuxWorks ' BlueCat Linux and the LynuxWorks de- velopment tools with tJ1e ZF MachZ. *In an effort to enable broader con- nectivity in its Inte rne t appliances tools, I·Logix joined tJ1e Bluetooth Special in terest Group. * An agreement between in Silicon and lntoto calls for cooperation in the marketing and distribution of in toto's USB- and IEEE-1394-based products for use with inSilicon's semiconductor tech- nology. * Nematron and Optimation Technology have signed a letter of intent to merge by means of a stock transaction. THE NUMBERS GAME CENTURA SOFTWARE announced net revenue of $10.1 million and a net loss of $4.8 million for the fiscal quarter ended June 30. e AMD re- Virata Acquires Agranat Citing the value of key Web technologies and network management software, Virata Corp. announced that it has acquired Agranat Systems in exchange for 492,000 shares of Virata common stock, including assumed options. "By integrating Agranat software into our DSL products, we hope to make technologies like DSL and broadband wireless easier to maintain and deploy," said Charles Cotton, Virata's CEO. To support Agranat 's existing customer base, Agranat employees will operate as a separate business out of their Maynard, MA office. The new unit will be managed by Ian Agranat. ported sales of over $1.17 billion, operating income of over $250 million. and net income of over $207 billion for the quarter ended July 2. AM D's board of directors has authorized a 2-for-1 stock split. Stockholders of record on August 7 will receive one additional share of common stock for each share of AMD common stock held on that date. e STMICROELECTRONICS announced that net revenues for the second quarter reached over $1.8 billion. Sales of differentiated products were just under $1.2 billion. e ZF LINUX received $15 million in funding, which will be used for marketing and to begin volume production against a backlog of orders. This round of funding was led by Sands Brother Venture Capital LLC and included additional investments from National Semiconductor, Samsung, and TAT Capital Partners, among others. e SCENIX also recently closed a $42.1million equity investment. Primary participants included Cisco Systems, Dell Computer, Jato Tech Ventures, and MSD Capital. • MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY reported net sales of $157.7 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2001 ended June30. 12 SEPTEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming

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