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ANYWHERE ASPEX is a fully integrated, completely open development environment offering you the tools to develop, integrate and optimize embedded software for today's complex products. If you've found other development environments slow, buggy and prone to crashes, you'll find ASPEX just the opposite. A TOOLKIT FOR TODAY Mixed processors, multiple processors, systems-on-chips. Intensely increased integration. That's today's embedded software reality and ASPEX was designed from the inside out to seam- lessly support it all. Make it smaller, make it cheaper, make it faster, make it better. ASPEX can make it happen. SUPERIOR DEBUGGING CAPABILITIES All thiS multiprocessing and integration vastly increases the complexity of software debugging. But ASPEX can handle it. From a single event-driven debugger, ASPEX lets you simultaneously debug multiple target systems whether the processors are all the same or of different architecture. EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO USE ASPEX provides a uniform, graphical interface that tightly integrates all tools and lets you manage projects graphically instead of learning cryptic command Visibility feature

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