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visual solutions for the real world The TILCON Real-Time Developer (TRTD) is the ideal solution for custom GUI/MMI development in a variety of industries, such as: embedded device interfaces, medical displays. SCADA systems, virtual instruments and navigation systems. TRTD will drastically cut development time. Innovative architecture provides a clean separation between application code and windowing systems. With its rich set of objects and ability to test interfaces without writing code, TRTD quickly moves your project from concept, to prototype, to product. The TRTD API provides dynamic creation and editing of all objects. The API is identical across all platforms. including: Once the sequence enumeration is complete, it is a fairly simple step to develop the finite state machine that represents the specified behavior. The result from performing this first level enumeration is that the sy tern must be ini tialized (the I stimulus has occurred ) before anything else can be done. We must remembe r that this event occurred. Therefore, the I stimulus is used in the next level of enumeration. TABLE 4 I • ... .. - . Se I Q 55 NT Embedded Windows 2000/NT /95/98 Windows CE RTX (VenturCom Inc.) LynuxWorks Linux: Red Hat, SuSE, Lineo QNX® Photon microGUI® QNX Neutrino® QNX X Free86 new platforms coming soon CR. so II 10 I 55 I CR ISO 101 IQQ lOSS IOCR 1050 ISO I 1500 I SO 55 lSOCR ISO SO IQQI . Stimuli The level 2 enumeration uses all stimulus sequences that were not ille- gal or did not have a shorter equiva- lent sequence in the previous enumer- ation level than the first stimulus in the sequence. So, as Table 3 shows (lines 6 th rough 10), the fi rs t stimulus is I and the second stimulus is an enu- for soda machine Response Equivalence Requirement liGHT null null null null null null null CHR SOL null null null CHR SOL, CHR null CHR null CHR null iQQO null IQQSS null null I QQCR CHR tooa:ss Sl) IQQQCR CHR IQQQQ null I QQQSO CHR, SOL IQ I I SO I I SO I SO ISO I SO I IQQ IQQ QQSO CHft.. SOf ISO IQQQI null I IQQQ I I I SO illegal illegal Illegal illegal I none none none none 4 1 01 2 02 4 1 01 2 4 D2 03 D4 05 06 4 1 04 2 02 4 1 1 2 3 I C®rt~\Y Cll PhY!oiOmtlr r\ liM" P•tl~nt St.ltt An~lyltr P'SA 4U0011r14 fDAApprowd 800-665 -5928 Nor AM c ) 613 -226-3917 f • 613 -226-3631 e r1 •I infonews@tilcon .com <.opy!if!~ht .1000 n lCON Snfn.~rt Ltd. All rrghh rtif'rv .. d. Produ

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