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News Vectors Altera: High Hopes for Programmable Logic Cores In an attempt to broaden the market for advanced processor tech- nologies, Altera is introducing a chip architecture that combines pro- grammable logic with processor cores. The company believes that the flexibility of their product will allow it to t ap into the ASIC, ASSP, and stand-alone embedded processor markets all at once. Altera pre- dicts that these markets could add up to a $50 billion business opportunity by 2003. Their predictions for the traditional PLD indus- try fell to a less promising $5 billion in market potential. "We believe the trend away from a fixed system-on-a-chip methodology will accelerate dramatically," said Rodney Smith, Altera's president and CEO. Altera has formed licensing agreements with MIPS and ARM to provide the processors for their new project. The company will also be integrating its own NIOS processor with their PLD architecture. Three years ago, Motorola abandoned a similar project to incor- porate processor cores into its Pilkington FPGA architecture. Worldwide Shipments of Embedded HW Development Tools Exceeds $455 Million in 1999 Led by rapid gains in the acceptance and use of codevelopment tools, the world market for embedded hardware development tools totaled $455.1 million in 1999. ICE/JTAG shipments gen- erated the greatest revenue, followed by logic analyzers, code- velopment tools, device programmers, and ROM emulators. The Electronics Market Forecasters Group recent study of the hardware and codevelopment tools marketplace has analyzed the market dynamics behind the growth of these specific mar- ket segments. The emerging use of system-on-chip custom silicon in ad- vanced embedded designs, hardware-software integration, and debugging problems created by complex designs has resulted in a 64% increase in codevelopment tools shipments from the previous year. North America consumed 53.7% of hardware development tool shipments followed by a 24.6% European consumption and a 21.7% Asian consumption. CoWare Garners Financial Support Sony, STMicroelectronics, and ARM invested a total of $14 million in Co Ware, a company that produces tools and methodologies that aim to cut design time for system-on-a-chip projects. All three investors are long-term CoWare customers and partners. Not surprisingly, they had good things to say about the company. They also emphasized the role Co Ware would play in their own projects. "CoWare is a key ingredient in our platform-based design strate- gy," said Alan Dutheil, corporate vice president of strategic planning at STMicroelectronics. Takeo Minomiya, president of Sony's semicon- ductor company was similarly committed to CoWare's future: "Through our investment in CoWare, we aim to attain the means to continually improve our SOC design process." Guido Arnout, CoWare's president and CEO reciprocated the positive sentiments. "These companies are leaders in the three most critical com- ponents for SOC success-semiconductors, systems, and IP." he said. Before this round of funding, Co Ware received nearly $14 million in venture capital. • - . ..... ~ Tools ICE/JTAG Logic analyzers Device programmers ROM emulators Codevelopment tools Total 1997 148.5 92.8 65.9 7.9 25.1 340.2 1998 159.5 107.8 64.7 8.1 46.1 386.2 1999 172.3 130.8 68.2 8.2 75.6 455.1 NAMES IN THE NEWS GoA head Software promoted JAN E. CLAESSON to execut ive vice pres- ident responsible for sales, account management. client services, and busi- ness development. KEN HOSAC was promoted to vice president of busi- ness development and SHANNON SWI" was promoted to vice president of human resources and corporate services. e ALFRED J. STDN and GARY KENNEDY have joined ZF Linux Devices' Board of Directors. Stein is the former chairman and CEO of VLSI Technology. Kennedy most re- cently served as president/CEO and board member of Orbit Semiconductor. 1;11, I 1: • I Embedded Systems Programming SEPTEMBER 2ooo 11

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