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Internet Appliance Products equipped for pattern searches. They have izes ranging from 1KB to 32KB and word widths up to 64 bits. NetCAM is available now. It co t $200,000 for a single configuration package and $750,000 for a single, node-locked compiler license that can generate any configuration. Virage Logic Fremont, CA (877) 360-6690 www. viragelogic. com TCPIIP stack ucleus NET v. 4.3 is an upgrade of the scaleable TCP / IP stack for the ucleus RTOS. ucleus TITP Client and Nucleus RIP II-two modules once sold separately- are now part of Nucleus NET. Developers can exclude unwanted module and develop projects ranging from sim- pie remote monitoring devices to Web-browsing appli cations. The stack's basic protocols include TCP, UDP, IP, and ICMP. Licenses for Nucleus NET begin at $14,495 and are provided with ource code and no royalty fees. Accelerated Technology Mobile, AB (334) 661-5770 Voice over various The aXs family of board-level prod- ucts addresses the system require- ments for carrier-class wireless and wireless network applications. This includes echo cancelle r , trunking or media gateways, and broadband access gateways for voice over DSL, voice over cable, and voice over wire- less local loop. The set of products in the family is the aXs.500 series of Packet-Voice Processing Engin es. The series realizes up to 1024 voice channels of processing on a single- width PCI mezzanine card module, depending on the application. These board-level products are preconfig- ured with voice compression , fax relay, echo cancellation, telephony processing, and packet processing functionali ty. Announcements regarding application-specific prod- ucts will be made during the third quarter of 2000. Spectrum Signal Processing Burnaby, BC, Canada (604) 421-5422 Development tools The CAD-UL and US Software Solution is a package of development tools designed for use in the design of x86 processor-based embedded Internet devices such as factory floor controllers, medical instrumentation, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and communications gateways. It includes US Software's SuperTask! RTOS, USNET Web Server, USNET TCP / IP Protocol Suite, the CAD-UL XDB SuperTask! (a debugger designed specifically for use with the SuperTask RTOS) , and the CAD-UL C/ C++ com- piler system. CAD-UL XDB Zucotto has made the cut ZucottoTM is java™ semiconductors, software :md rools Embedded Wireless )avaTM High·performance Mobile Multimedia Secure m-Commerce low Cost, low Power Consumption Accelerates Time to Market BluetoothTM Connectivity Optional for the wireless Interne[. Zucotto provides integrated wirelt!ss Java solu tions that speed the development and ava ilabi li ty of new wireless devices and services in the handheld market. Make the cut in the exploding wireless device market. For more information, contact us at or visir our web sire ar US Software Hillsboro, OR (503) 844-6614 )111'<1 is a tMdl'm<~rl.: l?{Srm ,\lirrosystrms ,,d •Ill orller T,\/s arr rlu• rcJfXlUSiiJrfit)' of rlu~ir n'SJJ«fil 'i' ownm. 110 SEPTEMBER 2ooo Embedded Systems Programming CAD-UL Scottsdale, AZ (480) 945-8188 SuperTask! is also available as a stand- alone product. Debugger pricing is $1,900 for Real Mode and $2,800 for Protected Mode. For the entire pack- age, pricing is $11,900 for Real Mode and $14,000 for Protected Mode. All versions are available now.

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