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- Internet Appliance Products Embedded Internet Tools TCP/IP stack CMX-Micro e t is a TCP / IP stack that will work with virtually all 8- and 16-bit processors. It uses between 3.5KB and 17KB of ROM, depending on the processor and implementation. Users can choose between single and multi- ple socket implementations. CMX- MicroNet can operate by itself or in conjunction with an RTO . It supports TCP, PPP, UDP, SLIP, IP, and HTTP Web server. It starts at $5,500 and is available now. CMX Systems Framingham, MA (508) 872-7675 Java accelerator JVX is a Java accelerator designed to work with any processor, microcon- troller, or RTOS, a well as with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It consists of hardware and software semiconduc- tor IP technology that can be inte- grated into new or existing mobile platforms. It requires 15,000 logic gates and is portable to any semicon- ductor design environmerrt. Without necessitating changes to the micro- computer in truction set or system architecture, the JVX technology inte rfaces to the processor in existing systems, preserving all the capabilities of the original system and adding the abi lity to execute Java code at near compiled speeds. It interfaces with the JVM either through a JIT inter- face or within the JVM's interpreter loop. This al lows the CPU to switch between execution of Java and native code transparently. lnSilicon San Jose, CA (408) 894-1900 Database manager The Em pres RDBMS, a database man- agement sy tern, now supports BlueCat Linux. It places no limits on storage capacity and is able to store and retrieve almost any type of data, from microsecond timestamp to variable- length text to image and sound. The system is also configurable, offering options such as in-memory configura- tion and read-only file systems. The entire Empress SQL engine, contained on a ingle floppy, can run entirely in- memory. A second floppy contains the BlueCat Linux OS. Pricing varies based on the platform, the number of processors, and the number of users. A free demo is available for download at the company' Web site. Empress Software Greenbelt, MD (301) 220-1919 Real-time Linux networking RTnet is a modification of the Linux networking ubsystem that provides real-time networking over standard IP networks. It supports the IP, ICMP, and UDP protocols; it provides a sock- ets implementation for use by real- time tasks; it uses a programmable interface that is nearly identical to the standard sockets interface; and it works with Linux 2.2x kernels in con- nection with either RTAI v. 1.3 or RTLinux v. 2.3. It is avai lable now at no cost at the company's Web site. Altl1ough the company has done thor- ough testing, they say tl1at it should still be thought of as a beta version. Lin eo Lindon, UT (801) 426-5001 Java application environment OSE Personal ]Runtime i an applica- tion environment designed for build- ing network-connectable applications for consumer devices. It enables designers to use Java in a manner sim- ilar to C/ C++, while taking advantage of Java capabilities. The OSE Personal ]Runtime includes a number of class library packages and an implementa- tion of the Java Virtual Machine that spawns the Java application threads. The Java Virtual Machine ensures that code runs across a variety of operating systems and microprocessors. In addi- tion, a Java-OSE API will handle the interaction between Java threads and OSE processes. OSE Personal ]Runtime is avai lable now. Enea OSE Systems Dallas, TX (214) 346-9339 Embedded CAM family The first product in a fami ly of embedded Content Addressable Memories (CAMs) is Custom-Touch NetCAM, a compiler that generates ternary CAMs that can be embedded into IC designs for use in network applications such as routers and switches. The NetCAM compiler pro- vides characterized timing and power information, which enables designers to make trade-offs during the design cycle based on their needs. CAMs gen- erated by the NetCAM compiler are Embedded Systems Programming SEPTEMBER 2000 109

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