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and instrumentation applications, includ- ing camera stability; antenna alignment; down-hole drilling; and GPS navigation in ships, aircraft, fleet vehicles, agricul- tural machinery, and factory robotics. The ADIS16135 gyroscope comes in a 36×44×14-mm module package and sells for $499, and the ADIS16385 IMU comes in a 36×47×39-mm module pack- age and sells for $869 (1000). Analog Devices, www.analog.com RF-powered energy- harvesting sensor uses no battery ↘ The Lifetime Power wireless- sensor system targets use in wire- less environmental monitoring in HVAC control and building automa- tion. Remote RF transmitters broad- cast RF energy that perpetually powers the wireless-sensor nodes without bat- teries or wires. The first in the family, the WSN-1001 wireless temperature transmitters powers multiple sensor devices. The sensor's nodes embed power-harvesting receivers that receive RF energy from as far as 60 to 80 feet away from the Powercaster transmit- ters, which broadcast radio waves at 915 MHz. The receivers then convert the RF energy into dc current to wire- lessly power the sensors in a method that is similar to RFID but with greater range and performance. Broadcast RF energy can reach and power sensors through walls, above ceilings, and behind objects and provides a more reliable and predictable power source than do pure ambient-energy-harvest- ing technologies, such as indoor solar, thermal, or vibration. The fully installed Lifetime Power system, including sensors, transmitters, BAS (building-automation-system) gateway, and labor, costs approximately $300 per node for typical multinode deploy- ments. A starter kit with two wireless temperature and humidity sensors, a transmitter, and a BAS gateway sells for $799. Powercast, www.powercastco.com and humidity sensor, is available now. Follow-on products will include sen- sors to measure carbon dioxide, pres- sure, light level, motion, and other conditions. In the wireless powering system, one transmitter or a network of ADVERTISER INDEX Company Aeroflex Allied Electronics Analog Devices austriamicrosystems AG Avnet Centellax Coilcraft CST - Computer Simulation Technology AG Digi-Key Corp Ellsworth Adhesives Express PCB Front Panel Express LLC IDT (Integrated Device Technology) Intel International Rectifier Lattice Semiconductor Linear Technology Materion Corp Page 36 49 15 57 33 10 4 43 C-1, C-2 60 11 11 45 C-3 3, 7 13 C-4 29 Company MathWorks Maxim Integrated Products Melexis Inc Micro Crystal AG Mouser Electronics National Instruments PalPilot Pickering Interfaces Ltd Pico Electronics Inc RF Monolithics Inc Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg Rohde & Schwarz North America Sensirion Silicon Labs Inc Tadiran Ultraview VersaLogic Xilinx Inc Page 25 53 8 42 6 17,19,21 44 46 27, 34, 59 51 23 47 44 31 41 61 37 35 EDN provides this index as an additional service. The publisher assumes no liability for errors or omissions. Multiturn precision potentiometer has slip-clutch option ↘ The 3547, 3548, and 3549 multi- turn potentiometers offer an optional slip-clutch safety feature that helps prevent damage to the potentiom- eter in applica- tions using full travel. The feature thus increases reli- ability and reduc- es service costs and system downtime. The devices find use in mechanized or machine-to-machine applications, such as linear actuators; cable transducers; and mechanical posi- tion sensors, in which the mechanical actuator may occasionally rotate the shaft beyond the mechanical stops or beyond the set number of turns. The three-turn Model 3547 and five-turn Model 3548 sell for $16.99 to $18.31. The 10-turn Model 3549 sells for $14.44 to $15.49 (1000). Bourns Inc, www.bourns.com product mart This advertising is for new and current products. MAY 26, 2011 | EDN 61

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