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Get an Edge: Touch Screens Use stylus and gloves with capacitive touch screens. Image area Create rich, multisensory touch-screen interfaces. Maxim's TacTouch™ Flexible and Robust Touch-Screen Solutions • Best-in-class sensitivity and dynamic range (MAX11871) • Supports glove and stylus detection • High noise immunity guarantees operation with low-cost AC chargers and reduces sensor cost • Direct interface to companion haptic actuator controller (MAX11835) • Enables fast haptic feedback for lifelike capacitive-touch systems TacTouch is a trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. Find your touch-screen solution at: www.maxim-ic.com/TouchScreen Innovation Delivered and Maxim are registered trademarks of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. © 2011 Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. All rights reserved. DIRECT ™ www.maxim-ic.com/shop www.em.avnet.com/maxim For a complete list of Maxim's sales offices and franchised distributors, visit www.maxim-ic.com/sales. Low noise floor for superior immunity controllers provide integrated solutions for touch processing and haptic response without requiring extra fi rmware development on the application processor or system microcontroller. High sensitivity for superior detection

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