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POWER- SUPPLY UNIT TRANSMITTER-CHANNEL SIGNAL GENERATION RAMP GENERATOR HOST CPU RECEIVER-CHANNEL SIGNAL PROCESSING AFE PGA CONTROLLER- AREA-NETWORK FLEXRAY MICRO- CONTROLLER DSP ADC MULTI- PLEXER AFE PGA LNA LNA n AFE PGA LNA ANTENNA NOTES: AFE: ANALOG FRONT END LNA: LOW-NOISE AMP PGA: PROGRAMMABLE-GAIN AMP VCO: VOLTAGE-CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR the BMW 7 series and the Ford Edge. Sophisticated IR cameras enable safety applications, such as drowsy-driver sensing, which is also an option in the Mercedes E550 sedan. Drowsy-driver Figure 3 The Analog Devices AD8283 radar analog front end comprises trans- mitter-channel-signal-generation, power-supply, host-CPU, receiver-channel- signal-processing, and monolithic-microwave-IC blocks. sensing uses an IR camera to watch the driver's eyelids to tell whether they are blinking rapidly, indicating that the driver is alert, or blinking slowly or even closing. The car emits an audible warning or vibrates the driver's seat. Out-of-position sensing similarly uses IR cameras. Today's passenger seats must have pressure sensors to determine the weight of the passenger and use the n n MONOLITHIC MICROWAVE IC VCO POWER AMP EDN 110526CS FIGURE 3 DIANE The Interconnect Division of PalPilot RJ45 Integrated Magnetic Module Features: Meets IEEE 802.3 and ANSI X3.263 Ethernet Standards Compatible with popular Ethernet transceiver ICs PoE/PoE Plus models available single, multiple, stacked port models available Applications: • Desktop PC • Notebook PC • Switch • Router • Security Systems • Server www.palconnusa.com email: palconnsales@palpilot.com Please visit us at Sensors Expo 2011, booth 915 elc_1002017_palconn_rj45.indd 1 44 EDN | MAY 26, 2011 5/9/11 11:41 AM • Printer • Video Phone • Game Console (714) 460-0718 … … …

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