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contents 5.26.11 Automobile sensors may usher in self-driving cars 38 Self-driving cars offer many advantages over often-distracted human drivers. Although the emergence of a truly autonomous car is sev- eral years in the future, currently available radar, LIDAR, and vision- based systems are coalescing into an automotive-sensor platform that points the way toward tomorrow's robocar. by Margery Conner, Technical Editor pulse 14 Researchers claim extremely sensitive sensor based on Raman scattering 16 Researchers claim replacement for rare material indium-tin oxide 5V 2 R1 1k VDD 100 nF C1 7 VSS PIC10F2XX 8 10k R2 GP3 GP0 GP1 GP2 5 4 3 5 4 3 Dilbert 14 Implementing an SLVS transceiver SLVS provides an important new alternative to LVDS for high-speed signaling, but it plac- es heavy demands on I/O circuit- ry, especially in FPGAs. You must watch the details. 30 by Feng Chen, Lattice Semiconductor Corp Energy-efficient lights to gain from incandescent ban 12 Floating-point-DSP family adds processors and software 16 TI, National pairing: a bright idea for LED lighting 18 Apple iOS-based oscilloscope has features galore but seems pricey 18 USB 3.0 controller embeds microcontroller for customized applications COVER: ISTOCK DESIGNIDEAS 1N4148 1N4148 1N4148 52 Waveform generator minimizes amplitude dependency 54 Produce current from positive or negative high-voltage supplies 55 Arrange LEDs as seven-segment displays 57 Logic gates form high-impedance voltmeter 58 Measure resistance and temperature with a sound card 100 R5 R4 100 R6 100 470 R3 5V NOTES: R1 IS OPTIONAL BECAUSE GP3 IS AN INPUT-ONLY PIN. OTHERWISE, IT IS SAFER TO PUT R1 WHEN USING A TRUE I/O LINE AS INPUT. G LED7 USE SEVEN SUPERBRIGHT FLAT LEDs, ARRANGED AS A PSEUDO-SEVEN- SEGMENT LED DISPLAY. MAY 26, 2011 | EDN 5 EF 5 6 AC D 12 34 B A E F G B C D The 100-year-long reign of the incandescent light bulb is about to end. Rather than bemoan- ing its death, lighting-circuit design- ers would do well to see the oppor- tunity in offering a light with instant- on, that dims without flicker, and is reliable and cost-effective. by Margery Conner, Technical Editor 48

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