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Workstations no 10 have to be statio At Toshiba, we don't just concentrate on making computers, but on answering the specific needs of business. Like how to get the power you expect from a workstation out of a portable computer. That's what led us to design the new T52oo. We gave it a 386 processor, 2MB RAM internal (upgradable to 8MB) and a high resolution VGA display clear enough for the most sophisticated graphics. We make it available with either a 40 or 100 megabyte internal hard disk and with two IBM-compatible expansion slots that you can fill with many different kinds of add-ins, such as mainframe communications boards and LAN cards. And we got it all into a machine that weighs only 18.7 pounds. Which means you can use it as a very powerful PC or as a very portable workstation. After all, we believe portability is more than just an issue of where you do your work. It's also what you can do there. T5200: 20MHz 386 processm; 2 internal IBM compatible expansion slots, VGA display with external VGA nwnitor port, 40MB or 100MB hard disk, 2MB RAM standard ex/xltldable to 8MB, 1.44 MB 3}2' diskette drive. Toshiba is the UXJrld porlilble and manufactures a romplef£ line ofhigh qualilJ tint-matrix and laser printers. Formore in/ormatwncaO 1-800457-7777. lM1flr.r_.n truly In Touch with Tomorrow TOSHIBA Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Computer Systems Division See phone hotllnes In last section. Circle Reader Service No. 159

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