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The five-volt standard. MC145407 combines 3 drivers, 3 receivers and a charge pump on a single S-volt CMOS chip. Try a free sample. Motorola pioneered the EIA-232 market four years ago with the introduction of the first CMOSbased ElA-232 driver I receiver. That device, the MC145406, has become the industry standard with over 20 million units in operation. Now Motorola does it again by introducing the five-volt standard, the MC145407. The MCl45407 combines three drivers, three receivers and an on-board five volt charge pump to meet EIA-232 and CCITT V.28 specifications. Anyone designing computer or communication equipment such as digital telephones, portable computers or line-powered modems will appreciate our low power requirement. The obvious choice. +l vcctr+5 0 - VDD +10 Try a free sample. The only way to fully appreciate the new MC145407 is to try one. You can get a free sample, along with all the supporting literature you need, by simply filling out and returning the coupon below. Send it to Motorola Semiconductor Products, literature Distribution Center, P.o. Box 20912 Phoenix, AZ 85036. Or call tollfree any weekday, 8:00a.m. to 4:30 p. m. (MST) 1-800-521-6274. Charge pumps and more. There's features to make your design tasks easier. The on-board charge pump generates ±10 volts from a single 5 volt power supply for driving the on-board receivers and drivers plus additional peripheral devices. The Slew Rate Transition Signal offers clean, bounce-free operation through the entire threshold region. You also get a typical2Kv per 110 pin of ESD protection, with a latch-up-free design and advanced CMOS technology. The three receivers offer true TTL capability without external capacitors, and feature impedance over a 3-to-7 kilohm range while handling up to ±25volts. The MC145407 is the perfect choice. It provides all the necessary level-shifting between TTL logic levels and high-voltage EIA-232 equipment. It's the smart decision for applications like lap-top computers, printers, modems, PABXs, remote telebanking, key systems, multiplexes, limited distance modems, and computer networks. D=Driver R=Receiver M04S407 Pin Assignment ® /fIIO.OROLA rl~~ - - - - - - -;o~::r:;:~:n:;:-c:;P~:s~t:t::~~;:nZen::, ' ~ . - - - -, P.o. Box 20912, Phoenix, AZ 85036 :;l I "'~:r~ """"",,,~.-:= 0 Please send me the MC145407sample kit. 412EETl12089 Name ________________________________________________________ Title _________________________________________________________ Company ______________________________________________________ Addr~s I . ~.. ---Ill City 'Q Callme( _______________________________________________________ State ) Zip I I I I I I I I I ~-------------------------------~ See phone hotllnea In laat section.

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