Electronic Engineering, Nov. 1989

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the run, n Cad EXTRATM series • 9111esvou better The Sanyo Cadnica EXTRA Series. Another affirmation of Sanyo's leadership in technology, investment and commitment. And another reason why Sanyo is the world leader in rechargeable sealed Ni-Cd batteries. The Cadnica EXTRA batteries run 40% longer than conventional Ni-Cd cells. So, with Sanyo Cadnica EXTRA batteries on board, your products will run longer. You get improved performance with no alteration in product design. And that means greater end-user satisfaction. Longer Run Time Energy Efficiency Improved Charge-time is flexible. EXTRA series can meet virtually all your specifications. From extra-fast to standard or trickle-voltage rates. For critical applications like handheld field communications gear and medical instruments, they're the best battery to use. They're also an obvious first choice for emerging portable personal computers and for household appliances. There's another important benefit. The Cadnica EXTRA series is part of the Sanyo No-Excuses Guarantee, your assurance of on-time, as-promised delivery; stable, fair prices; and the highest standards of performance. For further information on our latest teChnology, and for applications assistance, call or write: SANYO Energy Corp., 1201 Sanyo Ave., San Diego, CA 92073 (619) 690-6620. In New Jersey: (201) 641-2333 In Chicago: (312) 595-5600 In Florida: (904) 376-6711 There's something n going on at Sa . Circle Re.der Service No. 130

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