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· Multiple instructions per clock is now a reality. Intel's new i960 CA is the first 32-bit embedded processor to execute multiple integer and control instructions per clock. The i960 CA is the first processor to implement SuperScalar architecture on a single chip. It consistently breaks the multiple instructions per clock barrier because it looks ahead in the data stream and selects groups of instructions to safely begin executing at the same time. Thus the i960 CA allows you to reduce design costs by using less expensive memory and peripherals, l()()X 80960 NEXT GENERATION 80960 CA lX lX 2X 3X PRICE For 32-bit embedded control, i960 architecture offers a broad and growing range of price-performance options. at the same time you enjoy its unprecedented performance. In its 33-MHz version, the i960 CA can sustain 66 native MIPS. But as pleased as we are with its performance, we're also proud of the i960 CA as an Intel milestone. It's part of the i960 family of products that will remain software-compatible for generations. The worlds most highly integrated 32-bit embedded proces or: o Instruction cache: l-kb, two-way, set-associative o RAM: 1.5 kb one-clock acce (15 frames 16 x 32 bit regi ters) o General purpose registers: 32 x 32 bit o I/O channel processor: data chaining, 4-channel DMAS o Interrupt processor: 248 possible vectors o Programmable bus controller: 8/16/32-bit environments Intel gives you the support components and tools you need to get up to speed, including memories and peripherals specifically designed to work with the i960. Plus, we offer compilers, software debuggers, performance simulators, and macro assemblers to provide easy access to the full capabilities of the i960 CA. Finally, working with Intel means you'll have the world's largest technical support team helping you get to market fast. In short, everything you need to set a few milestones of your own. To get detailed information about this exciting family of products, call Intel today: (800)548-4725, and ask for Literature Department #LA43. Circle Re.der Service No. 60 See phone hotIines, pp. 64-65 • I ®

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