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Cae Computers and Communications The maximal corefor high-end modems. NECs high-performance, 24-bit DSP. Generation after generation, NEe's DSP chips have offered modem designers new levels of freedom and sophistication. Now our 24-bit CMOS DSP joins the line. The J.lPD77220 is engineered for the V.32 specs of 9,600 bps modems. In crucial areas such as speed and efficiency, it delivers everything your high-end modem demands. The 77220 executes all instruc- tions in 122ns.ltgives you extensive memory capacity on-chip: 2K x 32 instruction ROM,lK x 24 data ROM, and two sets of 256 x 24 data RAM. Other 77220 features include: o EPROM version lJlPD 77P220). o Pin- and software-compatible with 32-bit 77230. o Uses same development For fast answers, call us at: Tel 1800-632-3531 TWX 910-379-6985 YTet0211650302. Telex 8589960 'e Netherlands TeI040"'45-845 Telex.51923 Te108753-6020 Telex.13839 • _ .:te Tel 1 _ -3946-9617 Telex 699499 ::Y Tel 026709108 Telex 315355 Tel 0908-691133 Telex 826791 I MnQ Tel 3-755-9008 Telex.5456t Tel 02-719-2377 Telex 22372 • Tel 02551-0450 Fax 02-551-0451 SIllQapOl Tel 4819881 Telex 39726 tralla Tel 03267-6355 Telex 38343 tools as 77230. o Package options: 68-pin PGA and 68-pin PLCC. Our DSP family covers the entire range of modem applications from 1,200 to 19,200 bps. Now we're taking high-end modems to a higher level. For more information, call NEC and ask about our 24-bit CMOS DSP. NEe

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