Electronic Engineering, Nov. 1989

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We can't keep a cover on this much longer. Our new LXT-200™ drive, that i . But then it's not every day you see a 3.5" Winchester with a formatted capacity of 207MB and an average seek time of ISms. Not to mention the most advanced SCSI implementation available on the market today. The LXT-200's embedded S I controller features a look-ahead cache that can reduce average datd access times to less than lOms. It also allows for data transfer rates as high as 5MB per second, making the LXT-200 as fast as many current high-end 5.25" and 8" SCSI drives. Thanks to a unique new Maxtor drive design, the LXT-200 does all this with just four disks instead of the usual five. And its hard-sealed cover, in addition to keeping this innovative technology a bit of a mystery, gives the LXT200 shock-withstanding capabilities in excess of 50 G's, an MTBF of more than 50,000 hours, and virtually noiseless performance. So make your move now. Contact us at Maxtor Corporation, 211 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose) CA 95134, for the Maxtor sales otfice or distributor near you. Then watch your competitors run for cover. Maxtor I a n:~ u:n:d O':Id m3fk and LXT·2 IS a uad ma rk of M x r OfJ'Or.tD n 0 19 9 Maxtor COfJ'Or.ttlon Circle Reader Service No. 195

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