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The MEMSIC MXC6226XC digital accelerometer is a very small accelerometer measuring 1.2mm x 1.7mm x 1.0mm and is approximately 50 percent smaller than competitive offerings. Its extremely small size and availability in a ball grid array (BGA) package provides designers enhanced flexibility for integration into space-constrained designs. The MXC6226XC integrates extensive signal conditioning circuitry, including a DSP, to enable motion sensing performance. Since it is based on MEMSIC's thermal accelerometer technology, which has no moving internal structures, the MXC6226XC exhibits high shock survivability (up to 50,000g). This is five times greater than the shock survivability of capacitive accelerometers, which makes the MXC6226XC useful for application in toys and cell phones, or other devices that are prone to being dropped onto hard surfaces. The MXC6226XC Digital Accelerometer can detect four orientation positions, offers shake detection, and can measure acceleration over a +/2g range with an absolute 0g offset of less than +/- 50mg. A I2C interface is used for communications and an interrupt pin (INT) is provided for shake and orientation detection. The device also has a power-down capability enabled through the I2C interface. Operating voltage is 2.5V to 5.5V and temperature range is -20C to +70C. MEMSIC Inc. "Small" is the big news in motion amplifiers. Product shown is actual size. ATLAS® Digital Amplifiers—the latest innovation from PMD—pack an amazing amount of output power in an ultra compact design. These single-axis amplifiers provide highperformance torque control of DC brush, brushless DC, and step motors. And, while they're as small as a paper clip, they offer up to 1 Kilowatt of total output power— all without breaking the bank. Learn more about the big advantages of thinking small in digital amplification. TOTAL POWER OUTPUT TO 1 KILOWATT DIGITAL HIGH PERFORMANCE TORQUE CONTROL ULTRA COMPACT DESIGN LOW COST PROGRAMMABLE CONTROL PERFORMANCE MOTION DEVICES, INC. | 80 CENTRAL ST. | BOXBOROUGH, MA 01719 P: 978.266.1210 | WWW.PMDCORP.COM Design News | MAY 2013 | www.d e sig n n e ws.c o m –62– magenta cyan yellow black ES244562_DN1305_062.pgs 05.02.2013 06:35 UBM

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