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lamps, are slow to warm up and need time to stabilize. Subsequently, although a measurement may only be required periodically (such as every 30 seconds), conventional emitters often have to remain on 24/7 to achieve the required measurement stability. Not only is this impractical for portable equipment and wasteful, but it also may cause degradation in the measurement by heating up the entire sensor (measurement system) and degrading the performance of the detector. The thin-membrane thermo-resistive design of the MPE offers low thermal mass and a low thermal time constant, allowing the emitter to rapidly heat up and cool down, thus turn on and stabilize for measurements very quickly. Consequently, the thermal conduction losses are smaller and radiation efficiency is maximized. Cal Sensors MEMS Oscillators Multitest's equipment fully supports the advantages of MEMS Oscillators. MEMS oscillators are considered to be a favorable alternative to the longestablished, quartz crystal oscillator technology. Today they represent approximately 1 percent of the timing market, but significant growth is expected in the future. For Custom Hinges, Latches & Handles. Think GUDEN. ! Free custom product analysis and consultation ! Decades of custom hardware expertise ! Customized from stock sizes or completely special to print ! Guden offers a full complement of customizations: Cuts ! Bends ! Holes ! Countersinks ! Swages ! Offsets ! Finishes ! Springs Stock or Custom - Experience the Guden Difference. 800-344-6437 • Fax 631-737-2933 • Design News | MAY 2013 | www.d e sig n n e ws.c o m –57– magenta cyan yellow black ES244558_DN1305_057.pgs 05.02.2013 06:35 UBM

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