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Contents May 2013 vol. 68 no. 5 Accelerating Engineering Innovation 38 34 44 Cover Story 34 Mobile Machine Monitoring With apps for smartphones and tablets growing at an exponential rate, automation suppliers are responding with development tools that simplify integration of these devices with machine controllers and factory networks. BY AL PRESHER Features 38 Upgrading Batteries LeadAcid to Lithium-Ion: Big Challenges But Worthwhile Power and energy density of rechargeable lithium cells is far higher than alternatives. BY ROBIN TICHY 44 Eight Ways to Design End-ofLife Into Your Products An analysis of what's needed to implement Design for Disassembly and Design for Recycling results in eight strategies engineers can use to design an intentional end-of-life stage into their products. BY CLINTON MCDADE 50 Traceability Brings Visibility to Embedded Projects All product stakeholders benefit through better tracking of artifacts from test cases to defects and back to nonfunctional safety requirements. BY PETER VARHOL MADE BY MONKEYS 16 The Mill Is Peppered With Problems The spring in the new peppermill was not strong enough, effectively bringing grinding to a halt. BY JAMES SEBASTIAN C A P TA I N H Y B R I D 18 Volkswagen to Build World's Most Fuel-Efficient Production Car The newVW XL1 achieves a startling fuel efficiency rating of 261 mpg. BY CHARLES J. MURRAY Columns SHERLOCK OHMS MY OPINION ON… 12 Energy Efficiency is Universal Hanover Fair was eye-opening for lots of reasons, including the difference in German trade show culture verses that seen in the US. BY RICHARD NASS 20 If It's Not the Undervoltage, It's the Overvoltage In setting up automated test equipment, it seemed there was an undervoltage β€” then it became an overvoltage problem. BY REAGAN THOMAS continued COVER IMAGE: BOSCH REXROTH CORP. Design News | MAY 2013 | www.d e sig n n e ws.c o m –5– magenta cyan yellow black ES245184_DN1305_005.pgs 05.02.2013 22:26 UBM

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