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IT'S MOTION CONTROL VERSUS MOTHER NATURE ON CENTRE COURT. ©2010 Moog. All rights reserved. WHEN IT COMES TO HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTION CONTROL, MOOG EXPERTS ARE THERE. When design engineers sought the best way to control the new retractable roof at Wimbledon's famed Centre Court, they turned to Moog. The result was an innovative all-electric installation that provides 148 axes of control via high performance electric actuators, servo motors, servo drives, closed-loop controls and software. Now, more than 1,100 metric tons (1,212 tons) of steel and 5,200 square meters (17,060 square feet) of fabric move swiftly and safely to prevent rain delays. Moog's combination of motion control expertise and world-class solutions can make the difference for you too—no matter what industry you're in. For more information call 866-580-7610. How can we improve your machine design? View our Wimbledon video at WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD magenta cyan yellow black ES244939_DN1305_047_FP.pgs 05.02.2013 20:28 UBM

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