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Electronics & Test SLA 2 x LCRA127R2P Configuration 6S-2P 4S-4P 3S-6P Volume [I] 1.85 0.34 0.38 Weight [kg] 4.94 0.67 0.76 Thickness [cm] 6.5 3.4 3.4 Voltage range [V] 10.5 - 13.7 11.0 - 16.8 8.25 - 12.6 Run time at 12 W [hrs:min] 7:12 6:30 7:18 Run time at 14 W [hrs:min] 6:06 5:34 6:15 Run time at 16 W [hrs:min] 5:15 4:52 velop a pack which meets the form and fit constraints, and also provides the enhanced performance that is possible due to use of Li-ion rather than SLA batteries. IC vendors recognize the Li-ion opportunity and have come out with many ICs, which can handle a wide range of Li-ion voltages and capacities, as well as the various Li-ion chemistries in use. Some of these charger ICs can also support existing SLA designs, so the new charger circuitry will be backwards compatible and thus support older SLA units as well as the upgrade to Li-ion. Upgrading from SLA to Li-ion requires design effort encompassing electronic, mechanical/packaging, and thermal disciplines. Nonetheless, the tangible benefits of run-time improvement, reduced product weight, and increased charge/ discharge cycles make this a worthwhile effort, as many OEMS have discovered. DN Li-ion 18650s 5:28 Table 1: A comparison of roughly similar multicell SLA pack and two Li-ion packs shows that for the comparable output voltage and run time, the Li-ion designs have significantly smaller size and volume. Robin Tichy is senior marketing manager of Electrochem Solutions Inc. tops, cameras, and cell phones, the choice for industrial, medical, and military products almost always involves a custom pack. When looking to upgrade, the OEM product's design engineers usually work with the battery manufacturer to de- For More Information: Electrochem Solutions Inc.: UNIQUE PRODUCT GRAPHICS FOR YOUR UNIQUE PRODUCTS! Let Douglas Corporation be a preferred supplier for all your nameplates, urocals, decals, individual letter graphics, membrane switches and graphic overlays. Check us out online at and fill out our request form for free samples and literature. It's that quick and easy! 9650 Valley View Rd. | Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-941-2944 | Fax: 952-942-3125 0 Design News | MAY 2013 | w w w. d e s i g n n e w s . c o m –42– magenta cyan yellow black ES244619_DN1305_042.pgs 05.02.2013 07:03 UBM

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