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automation monitoring and control applications, there is a lot of software involved. There are also many different types of code including HTML, PHP, and MySQL, which require the skills of a Web developer proficient in many Web technologies (HTML is not enough), plus an IT professional who can help with Linux coding, routing, and the Web server side of the development. There is also a need for a controls engineer to help out with control tags, connections from the controller to the Web server, and other issues. "It is too much for one person to be an expert in all of those things," said Orchard. With the new Opto 22 solution, all of these technologies are applied in the appliance that works in conjunction with a Web browser. Using the Web browser means information can be viewed by anyone, anywhere on computers, smartphones, or tablets. Instead of being Windows-centric, the door is also open to MAC and Linux users to build an interface into their process. "How we expect the appliance to be used is for the box to be connected to a company's automation network," said Orchard. "By interfacing the machine network, the groov box can see the controllers, tag names, and digital I/O, for example, and start polling the data. Users can connect using the browser to get up and running. Security is built into the appliance, and all of the connections between the browser and the groov box is done over 256-bit encryption using SSL technology." On a wide area network (WAN), the technology recommendation is to use VPNs that provide encryption because the connection that needs to be encrypted is between the groov box and the Web browser, not between the appliance and the automation controllers (PLCs or PACs) within the factory. What Opto 22 is finding is that there is a full spectrum of potential uses for the technology. Some customers say the functionality will augment existing HMIs and provide an ability to put together custom screens, in-house to use Design News | MAY 2013 | –37– magenta cyan yellow black an iPhone, for example, for after-hours monitoring. Other OEMs say they are going to mount iPads or Android tablets on their machines as a low-cost HMI solution.The ability to access a machine on the network using an IP address is a powerful way to tap into process information and data. At the machine level, users can make variables available using IP addresses for their machines. DN ACCELERATE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY IN 2.5 SECONDS. 1400 SERIES LED NEEDLE BONDERS. In high-speed manufacturing, it's not seconds that count. It's fractions of seconds. With their industry-leading LED light-cure technology, Dymax 1400 Series LED Needle Bonders give needle manufacturers the speed and consistency to keep up with today's high-speed equipment. The 1400 Series delivers cure times of less than 3 seconds at both 385 and 405nm while providing batch-to-batch consistency that dramatically increases throughput. And, it's backed by the Dymax Edge… an integrated offering of oligomers, customized adhesives and coatings, cure and dispense equipment, and application expertise that enables Dymax to deliver the best solution to the customer. Visit 87 7 - 3 9 6 - 2 9 8 8 d ES246209_DN1305_037.pgs 05.03.2013 22:05 UBM

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