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Fluid Power/Motion Control sugar indicators, insulin pumps and thermometers, as well as in electronic calculators, laser pointers, toys, and remote control applications. affected by material cost fluctuations. VARTA Microbattery's nickel zinc cells may be confidently specified for use in a wide range of miniature, low voltage power source applications in which highreliability, eco-friendly mercury-free cells are required. The ZR Nickel Zinc (NiOOH) System is particularly suited for watches (analog and digital) as it notably complies with the requirements of the international IEC 60086-3 standard for watch batteries. Moreover, the cells are highly appropriate for use in such medical devices as blood The nickel zinc cells feature a voltage level of 1.65V and are available with 8 mAh to 130 mAh capacity, in heights ranging from 2.10mm to 5.4mm, and in weights from 0.23g to 2.33g. The cells additionally boast a stable discharge curve, good pulse load behavior, and an EOL detection feature for watch applications. VARTA Microbattery Inc. 4 MM MICRO MOTOR & GEARHEAD Maximum power in a small space. Maxon motor introduces the EC4, a 4 mm diameter brushless DC motor and gearhead. The typical issue found with micro drives of this size is the output power is too low for the application requirements because of the physical Quick Response Technical Support limitations. Maxon increased the performance of this tiny motor using the latest winding technology along with the most powerful magnets available. This motor is available in two lengths; short version with 0.5W nominal power or long version with 1.0 Wnominal power. Maxon also incorporated a high quality gearhead to ensure optimum continuous running. High performance ceramics are used for the gearhead carrier to make the motor capable of high input speeds and drive torques. This 4 mm brushless DC servomotor is becoming the benchmark solution in miniature pumps, surgical robots, diagnostic devices, endoscopes and anywhere miniaturization is critical. maxon motor has explored the limits of technical boundaries with this EC4 motor development. Maxon Motor Advanced Manifold Assembly Collaborative & Custom Design Reputation Just In Time Delivery Superior Quality Innovative System Engineering HydraForce puts everything we've got into everything we make. Gain an industry advantage with an innovative blend of engineering expertise, collaborative process, customized design solutions, and superior product performance. When you partner with the most focused electro-hydraulic controls provider, you'll power your operation forward. Lincolnshire, IL, USA 847-793-2300 magenta cyan yellow black Birmingham, UK 0121 333 1800 Changzhou, China +86 186 2190 9398 ES244691_DN1305_F16_FP.pgs 05.02.2013 07:24 UBM

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