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Analytical versions are also available as well as FKM, EPR and Silicone seals, and diodes. Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc. CUSTOM PRECISION HYBRID STEPPER LINEAR ACTUATORS Custom options include motor and screw specifications, cabling and connector requirements, anti-backlash nuts, encoders, and ball screws. and 0.95 scfm @ 25 psig flow models are also available. The valves are precision-built 2-way Normally-Closed control valves, utilizing a unique valving principle with no sliding parts. Complete poppet travel is a mere 0.007-inch resulting in low power consumption and exceptionally long life. Koco Motion's full line of precision hybrid stepper motor linear actuators offer the OEM designer quality, low cost standard, and custom solutions in motion control. These products are incorporated in designs by many well-known US OEM Manifold and in-line mounting are available as well as many different electrical connection styles. Oxygen Clean and companies in various instruments. With stainless steel precision lead screws and a 24 month limited warranty these systems are an alternative to stepper linear products offered on the market today. Koco Motion US LLC MERCURY-FREE NICKEL ZINC BATTERIES Optimized for retail and OEM applications. VARTA Microbattery's nickel zinc cells are developed as a cost effective substitute to conventional primary silver oxide (Ag2O) button cells. The cells are manufactured with high quality raw materials, leakage protection, size, shape, and quality standards equivalent to VARTA Microbattery's mercury-free primary SR Silver Oxide (Ag2O) System. As nickel zinc cell pricing is not tied to the volatility inherent in the silver market, end product pricing for retailers and OEMs is not adversely 'PS UIF 5PVHIFTU .PWFNFOU 1PTJUJPOJOH $IBMMFOHFT An "SNBNFOU .BLFS needed a way to rapidly and ergonomically attach armor plating to its mineresistant fighting vehicles. Airfloat designed and built an air-riding platform with a hydraulic arm, enabling greater automation and productivity. 800-888-0018 XXX BJSGMPBU DPN "JS #FBSJOH &RVJQNFOU t -JGU 5JMU 5BCMFT t 5VSOUBCMFT t "TTFNCMZ -JOFT &SHPOPNJD &RVJQNFOU t 5SBOTQPSUFST t 3JHHJOH &RVJQNFOU [w ww. d e s i g n n e w s . c om] magenta cyan yellow black M AY 2013 F LUID P O WE R / MO TIO N CO NT R O L / A S UP P LE ME NT TO DE S IGN NEWS F15 ES244690_DN1305_F15_FP.pgs 05.02.2013 07:24 UBM

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