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Do more helpful control system testing with the new Do-more PLC TM 2013 WINNER The NEW programmable controller with Insightful monitoring and troubleshooting tools Use these tools for real-time tuning and testing: • Debug View window can suspend each task and program separately. The FREE Do-more Designer software for Do-more H2 series PLCs gives you advanced tools that can cost thousands from others. • PID View window allows precise tuning of your PID loops Download at and check it out. Built-in simulator • Data View window monitors your chosen program elements - discrete or analog I/O, and system parameters • View Trend Data in its own view as well as within specific ladder instructions like PID, RAMPSOAK, and High/Low Alarm. The built-in simulator creates a virtual PLC so you can test your logic without the hardware present. The Windows application runs on your PC and uses the same code as the CPU firmware for the most accurate simulation. Test part of your logic or whole programs quickly and conveniently. • Simulates discrete and analog I/O with access to timers, counters, control bits, etc. • Simulate PID - use the Simulator coupled with the Trend View for outstanding visibility into your PID processes. Each Do-more CPU comes with a coupon for a 30-day free trial of online video training. So visit for the details, watch overview videos, and download the free software to take it for a spin. Go online or call to get complete information, request your free catalog, or place an order. 1-800-633-0405 magenta cyan yellow black ES244936_DN1305_002_FP.pgs 05.02.2013 20:28 UBM

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