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Fluid Power/Motion Control 12 distinct axes can now be programmed using robotic software modules, with auxiliary axes for input and output Robotic technologies are no longer confined to highly special- belts, thereby addressing both speed and recovery. Programized applications. The latest motion control technologies ming follows a standard "recipe" that can be easily adjusted enable the integration of robotics into any packaging applica- to any application or product variety that fits within the tion that can be defined in degrees of mechanical freedom. predefined design space. The approach offers not only speed, For example, a continuous case packer performance, and programming ease, in the past comprised a mechanical load but improved reliability and longer MOTION CONTROL ram pushing product into waiting cases machine life. — requiring a continuous supply of AUTOMATION OFTEN product and cartons — and an interCOMPRISES MULTIPLE INTELLIGENT CENTRALIZED CONTROL SYSTEMS BLEND LOGIC AND mittent stop and start motion. Creating a design that occupies three dimensions MACHINES REQUIRING MOTION requires taking the ISA S-88 standard Motion control automation often A POWERFUL AND and using a robotic block to combine comprises multiple machines requirUNIFORM CENTRAL all three axes together. The three diing a powerful and uniform central mensional movement can be coded into automation control system. Machine AUTOMATION one block, integrating programming builders are tasked with identifying CONTROL SYSTEM. for all recovery, honing, and operation simple, maintenance-free technologies movements, and replicated for parallel that can deliver on high-performance operations. dynamic power requirements. Easy engineering, power, and By incorporating a continuous case packer with three performance need not be mutually exclusive. degrees of movement — forward-back, left-right, up-down Designed for applications in the packaging and process — to more accurately track conveyor movement, product can automation industries, the compact, energy-efficient Lenze 3200 C L-Force Controller blends the program logic controlbe continuously packed without unnecessary energy expenler (PLC), motion controller, and visualization in one device diture and the mechanical wear and tear of continuous stops to simplify engineering and extend cost savings. Delivering and starts. So, a case packer that once may have comprised LEVERAGING MODULAR MULTI-AXIS ROBOTICS TO SIMPLIFY COMPLEX TASKS POWER TRANSMISSION-PART CONVEYING COLORS AVAILABLE PYRATHANE BELTS With Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects Samples available at little or no cost ® CUSTOM MADE IN INCH, METRIC & O-RING SIZES Round, Flat and Connectable Polyurethane Belts Very +&"- *- /&1"3*.- : +*,*-"3&2 Tensioning Devices 7$&/3*.-"+ Abrasion Resistance Line Shaft Conveyor Belts 1*(*-"+ 04*/,&-3 .--&$3"#+& DIAMETAPE BELT MEASURING TOOL ++.62 '.1 "$$41"3& non destructive measurements on o-ring and belt inside diameter (ID) or inside circumference (IC). Available in Standard and Metric Sizes. AN ISO 9001 CERTIFIED COMPANY : ,"*+ 522 North Ninth A5&-4& "23 &63.- IA 50208 Connectable ("PC") Belts available in diameters ranging from .093" through .562". F4 FL U I D PO WER/ M O T I O N C O N T R O L / A S U P P L E M E N T T O DE S IGN NE WS MAY 2013 magenta cyan yellow black [www.designnews .com] ES244356_DN1305_F4_FP.pgs 05.02.2013 05:19 UBM

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