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ONLINE NOW ON .com RESOURCE CENTER WHITE PAPER Automation & Control 3D printing and modeling robots after animals are two of the top trends in their respective fields. Now research by the Army has merged the two in the design of self-sealing suction cups to allow robots to grasp and pick up objects. Gesture Control Coming to a Television Near You Pressing buttons on your television's remote may one day be passé. A new technology will enable couch potatoes to change channels, adjust the volume, rewind a movie, browse the Internet, or control other functions with simple physical gestures. Engineering Materials A team in the University of Maryland's Nanocenter has created nanoscale beads of silicon, about 10,000 times thinner than a piece of paper, that could extend the number of charging cycles lithium-ion batteries can go through by about 10 times the current design. Design Hardware & Software Since the beginning of the new millennium, cyber attacks have increased from a few dozen a year to roughly 110,000 every hour. The attacks are targeted at specific branches of the nation's government, corporations, banks, and power grids residing in those host nations. Uncharted Play Inc. has developed an energy-harvesting soccer bar that can save and generate 6W of energy through a mechanism inside the ball. The company is developing accessories like an LED light that can be used to provide electricity to people in regions of the world where they have little or no access to it. Robotic Rat Used to Advance Depression Research Scientists at Waseda University's Taknishi Lab in Japan created the Waseda Rat-3 robot as part of their research into depression. The robot was used to harass real lab rats to induce depression. Mitsubishi has released the latest in a series of vertical-axis robots that are designed to perform particularly dexterous and complex tasks formerly operated by humans in a factory setting. RV-F is the new release in the company's F series of six-axis vertically articulated robots designed for speed, precision, and ease of integration. WHITE PAPER The Business Value of Product Data Management Read how executives from Ametek Technical Products, VISA Lighting, and others, were able to achieve game-changing business objectives with Product Document Management (PDM). Author Jim Brown is the president of Tech-Clarity, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in analyzing the true business value of software technology. http:// WHITE PAPER Owens Corning Joins BASF, TenCate to Fast-Track Car Composites Owens Corning will work with BASF and TenCate to adapt continuous glass fiber to make composites that can be used in high-volume thermoplastic automotive parts manufacturing. CONNECT WITH US Design News' System & Product Design Engineering group: Design News' Gadget Freak group: The terms "3D printing" and "additive manufacturing" refer to processes that automatically build objects layer by layer from computer data. The technology is already well used in many sectors including transportation, health care, military, and education. Mechatronics Zone Energy-Harvesting Soccer Ball Gets a Kickstart A New Mindset in Product Design: 3D Printing Can Help Bring Products to Market Faster Design News' general Twitter feed: Avoiding Linear Bearing Failure When linear bearing systems fail prematurely, the reason almost always involves an overlooked application error. These errors fall into just five different categories. Left unchecked, these five errors can reduce the life of a bearing by 50 percent or more. Our technical service team has published a new series of technical articles explaining the five causes of bearing failure in detail and offers advice on how to steer clear of them. http:// Get Design News' RSS feeds at and sign up for e-mail newsletters at Design News | MAY 2013 | www.d e sig n n e ws.c o m –9– magenta cyan yellow black ES247110_DN1305_009.pgs 05.06.2013 22:16 UBM

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