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Permanent Magnet Brake From the world's largest manufacturer of world-class electromagnetic clutches and brakes ,SLJ[YVTHNUL[PJ JS\[JOLZ IYHRLZ MVY ]PY[\HSS` L]LY` HWWSPJH[PVU High torque, compact design (light weight) Zero backlash No drag torque Controlled stop Can operate in high temperatures ENN #0&1.2* 1#& 1/'45'6X NLLKG *10'U KGFgFKEgKGJE #:U KGFgFKEgKILN '$5+6'U /#+.U +0(1u1)74#g%.76%*T%1/ ADVERTISERS Advertiser IN THIS ISSUE Page Trend Watch: Medical Supplement Beswick Engineering Co. T15 Bird Precision T18 Digi-Key Corp. T3, TC1 Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication T20 Fluid Metering T18 Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions TC4 KNF Neuberger Inc. T13 Master Bond Inc. T2 Maxon Precision Motors T11 Metrigraphics T9 Micromo Electronics TC2 Mott T5 NB Corp. T7 Ogura Industrial Corp. T20 Parker Hannifin Corp. TC3 The Lee Co. T15 Varta Microbattery Inc. T1 Publisher does not assume any liability for errors or omissions in this index. T20 T REND WAT C H : M E D I C A L / A S U P P L E M E N T T O D E S IGN NE WS magenta cyan yellow black MAY 2013 [www.designnews .com] ES246636_DNTW1305_T20.pgs 05.04.2013 04:03 UBM

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