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M E D I CA L rough handling and shock caused when the helmet is accidentally dropped. The special formulation of the plastic renders it highly resistant to shock and vibration. Source: Varta Predictable Power Delivery As a lithium cell discharges, its output voltage gradually drops — but not in a linear fashion. Simple voltage measurement therefore provides a crude measure of a lithium-ion battery pack's SoC. The theatre crew, however, requires precise SoC information, so that the remaining runtime can be accurately known, and the risk of unexpected power-down eliminated. An important element of the suit is the helmet, as this provides clean, uncontaminated air for the surgeon in the operating theatre to breathe. A protective visor offers a clear and unobstructed view of the patient without misting. State-of-the-Art Theatre Equipment Today's operating theatres are high-tech environments. The battery pack in a surgical protection helmet relies on the implementation of a number of advanced technologies in the fields of electronics, chemistry, and plastics. Lightweight, small yet safely providing a high energy capacity, the lithium-ion power pack solution from VARTA Microbattery provides for long, continuous usage. The predictable power it provides maintains a high light output from the headlight and effective ventilation from the five-speed fan, helping to keep the surgeon safe, comfortable, and focused on the task of treating the patient. Julia Palu is vice president of VARTA Microbattery (US). For more information, go to: products/power-packs.html. See us at MD&M East, Booth #3132 magenta cyan yellow black ES246650_DNTW1305_T18.pgs 05.04.2013 04:47 UBM

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