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Automation & Control NON-CONTACT eddy-current sensors Measuring ranges from 0.4 to 80mm More than 300 sensor models Nanometer resolution Custom OEM design Robust sensors for extreme environments, e.g. high temperature, vacuum ... NEW Sensors with Embedded Coil Technology (ECT) HigH rESOluTiON capacitive NEW measurement system capaNCDT 6200 Extreme precision Modular – up to 4 synchronized channels Easy set up and configuration via WEB interface Math functions for thickness or differential calculations MICRO-EPSILON Raleigh, NC 27617 / USA Phone +1/919 787 9707 and the operating temperature allows flexible use in a variety of drive applications. With its efficiency of 95 percent, the inexpensive ESCON 36/3 EC is a firstclass choice for mobile, highly efficient yet consumption-optimized applications. Maxon Motor NippoN pulSe offerS Geared Stepper to replace Nema11 PFCU30 with integrated gear produces 100mn•m of torque and replaces a Nema11 hybrid. Nippon Pulse has introduced the PFCU30 integrated geared stepper motor as a replacement option for a NEMA11 hybrid stepper motor. Because it is a tin-can style stepper motor, the PFCU30 is available at a lower cost than a NEMA11 hybrid stepper motor, potentially 50 percent lower. With its standard 3/25 gear ratio, the PFCU30 tin-can stepper provides up to 100mN.m of holding torque and has a destruction torque of 300mN•m. In comparison, Nippon Pulse's PJP28 (NEMA11) hybrid stepper motor comes with a maximum holding torque of 90mN•m. Like most NEMA11 hybrid stepper motors, the PFCU30 has a 1.8 degree step angle and a 0.9 degree half-step angle, allowing for finer resolution and smoother, quieter rotation. The PFCU30 features 200 steps per revolution, a resistance of 5.6 ohms, an inductance of 2.1mH, and a starting pulse rate of 365pps. The motor comes in a package with a 30mm diameter, a total length of 36.5mm (end of shaft to back of motor), and a total weight of 75g. Applications for the PFCU30 geared stepper motor include imaging, medical, and any other system currently using a NEMA11 sized hybrid stepper motor. Nippon pulse america inc. VcSBc Quadro Intelligent multiple head camera platform. Machine vision specialist Vision Components introduces the VCSBC quadro, a board camera based on the established VC360 with four sensor heads for taking 360 degree panorama pictures in various applications such as safety or security applications, for example. With ports for one, two, or four sensor heads, the VCSBC quadro is an economic platform for all kinds of multi-sensor solutions. It is, for example, a solution for applications that require a high resolution along the x or y axis, since up to four sensor heads can be installed in a row. The intelligent camera synchronizes overlapping parts of pictures taken by neighboring sensors. It compiles the individual pictures with a 752 x 480 pixel resolution (Wide VGA) into a complete 3.008 x 480 pixel image. The hardware design ensures synchronous operation of all connected sensors: a trigger signal initiates image capture at the exact same instant of time. The VCSBC quadro can therefore also be used S30 A u t o m At i o n & Co ntr o l / A S up p le me nt to DeS ign ne w S a p ril 2013

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