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Automation & Control IN THE MARKETPLACE AutomAtionDirect ADDS LowcoSt microStepping Drive & AcceSSorieS to SureStep Line The SureStep line of motion control products now includes a low cost of entry digital stepper drive in a compact package. The standard stepper drive operates with high-speed pulse input signals (step and direction or jumper-selectable CW/ CCW step) and has a selectable resolution range of 200 to 20,000 steps per revolution. Additional features include a switch-selectable automatic self-test, digital filters to prevent position error from electrical noise on command signals, and optically isolated I/O. The unit's switch-selectable microstep emulation feature provides smoother, more reliable motion in full and half-step modes. Operated with a 24 to 65VDC power supply, this microstepping drive has a running output current of 0.5 to 7.5A. The standard microstepping drive is priced at $89. If your application uses a regulated or switching power supply, you may encounter problems with regeneration, which can trip the overvoltage protection of the power supply or a drive, causing it to shut down. To solve this, a regeneration clamp and braking resistor are available as optional accessories. The SureStep regeneration clamp has a built-in 50W braking resistor and features a mounted-on heat sink, 24-80VDC voltage range, and 6-pin screw terminal block. LED indicators show when power supply voltage is present and when the clamp is operating. External power is connected internally to an "Input Diode" that protects the power supply from high regeneration voltages and the system from connecting the power supply in reverse. automationDirect BS22 – 1.5 SpinDLe Drive Minimal pitch deviation for maximum precision. MICROMO has introduced the BS221.5 spindle drive from the FAULHABER Group. In the case of rotary drive tasks, the conversion and optimal adaptation of mechanical torques to the respective application usually occurs by means of finely graduated reduction gearheads. High-precision lead screws in combination with DC-micromotors, brushless DC-servomotors, or stepper motors also make it possible to convert the rotational movement into linear stroke or tensile movements. The use of ball screws in the series BS 22-1.5 enables linear movements with minimum travel variations of a maximum of 5μm over the absolute total travel. In combination with motors and mounted components, such as high-resolution encoders, integrated motion controllers, or stepper motors in micro-stepping operation, maximum precision is ensured. This is for demanding positioning tasks such as optical filters, glass-fiber technology, lens adjustment in optical systems, or micro actuators for medical technology. The mechanical connection to the motors is implemented by means of a backlash-free coupling integrated into the lead screw. Numerous modifications, such as variable screw lengths, modified screw nuts, and cus- S28 Aut o m At i o n & C on t r o l / A S u p p l e m e n t t o D eS i g n ne w S a p ril 2013 tom lubricants are available on request for use in special applications. MiCrOMO cLippArD AnALyticAL eLectronic vALveS Designed for the specific needs of the analytical industry. Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc. introduces the new Analytical Series electronic valves. Available in 2-way or 3-way, normally-closed or fully ported, the valves are designed for the specific needs of the analytical industry, and for applications where cleanliness is especially important. The "A-E" Series pneumatic valves utilize a unique patented valve system that has been used and proven throughout many industries. With a low power consumption of only 0.67W, a response time of 5 to 10 milliseconds, and voltages of 6, 12, or 24VDC, these new valves offer flexibility in design. Special materials, manufacturing, and assembly processes make this valve suited for applications where internal cleanliness, bubble-tight operation, and long life are imperative. For complete details on the "A-E" series electronic valves that provide safety of operation with quick response, low power consumption, and long life. Clippard instrument laboratory inc. eScon 36/3 ec A compact and powerful 4 quadrant PWM servo controller. [www.designnews .com]

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