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provides an ability to access information and collaborate more in their machine. Historically, OEMs have had a PLC network, across the enterprise from the supply chain, to manufacturing a connection to the end user's network, and another network and distribution. for remote I/O. More and more machine builders, especially Innovation and new ways to use these networks has also in Europe, are moving to a single network technology, which is been expanding with customers integrating use of commercial possible today using Industrial Ethernet. technology, such as iPads, very quickly into the industrial space. For more information, go to With an OEM machine, an end user can scan a bar code or XR code, or even use wireless location-based services, to easily view controller and machine status. The final theme in the expansion of industrial networking has been the focus and need for companies to manage risk. Oulton says that working with customers that are implementing Industrial Ethernet, engineers have heard about the risk and security issues. But with these networks, if security is applied correctly, the installations are inherently much more secure than the older fieldbuses that these networks are often replacing. While an Ethernet network is often connected to the Internet and there is an ability to push information back and forth, Ethernet developments over the past 20 years have been working on technology solutions to secure these networks and have developed detailed functionality for routers and Layer 2/3 switches. There has been great attention paid to software solutions and firewall technology, none of which exists for older fieldbuses and controllers. To manage risk effectively, any company needs to implement a solid, well-designed infrastructure because that cylinders makes it is much easier to secure the escapements network versus an installation that has been developed ad hoc. And they can grippers use the same network infrastructure to linear slides mitigate risks, deal more effectively with incidents, and monitor what is happenrotary actuators ing on the network to take action more clamps quickly. "We see the same people securing their multi-motion actuators networks also taking steps with cyberseswitches and sensors curity to protect information assets. They are using the same network to power their physical security systems, cameras, and keypads because all of those devices are on Ethernet as well," said Oulton. The market is growing at a high rate, • Lowest cost of ownership and there is a takeaway for machinery 1-800-624-8511 • 1-3 day delivery on builders and the engineering teams unique products designing machines. With a good infra• Free online engineer support structure in place, the machinery builder • MAC Distribution Network won't need two, three, or four networks • Widest range of actuators in the industry P.O. Box 9070 • Fort Wayne, IN 46899 USA

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