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Automation & Control Source: Banner engineering creates a very narrow, well-defined frequency, and these narrow frequencies are very noise immune because the system can filter out any frequencies above and below that level. Engineers can also be concerned if it will impact their WiFi system since the sensor and laptops both operate at 2.4 GHz. But all ISM band products are certified to work well together, and Gardner said extensive testing has shown the two technologies don't impact each other at all. Customers have done extensive testing for WiFi interference but none of them have been able to sense the wireless sensor operating on the network. Because the system is sending just a few bits of information every 125 milliseconds, it is creating much less traffic than other WiFi devices. A PLC on the system using a WiFi radio access point to pick up the sensors, for example, would require 1,000 times more bandwidth than the Q45 system. For more information, go to A wireless photoelectric sensor used in conjunction with a tower light can increase automotive production line efficiency by immediately notifying technicians. AH1212I_TM_Sensor_Fusion_7x4_625_AGR_halfpage.qxd 3/1/2013 11:41 AM Page 1 DATA ACQUISITION SOLUTIONS SENSOR FUSION The Sensor Fusion desktop, rack mount and panel mount systems allow you to record sensor I/O precisely aligned with encoder position and to retrieve the results through one easy-to-use software interface. Sensor Fusion, when used with PSO and the Digital Scope, is Aerotech's answer for all of your data acquisition needs. With a variety of analog, digital, encoder and PSO cards available, Sensor Fusion allows you to record sensor data and position data in ways that have never been possible. Its modular design accepts additional cards such as vision and serial data acquisition. With desktop, rack mount and panel mount options available, there is a Sensor Fusion for every application. Sensor Fusion is an integrated member of the A3200 motion controller family. Features and Benefits • • • • • • • Dedicated to the Science of Motion Ph: 412-963-7470 Email: Sensor I/O precisely aligned with encoder position Combine sensor inputs in real time One easy-to-use software interface No additional software required Data recording and playback 5 MHz collection rates Desktop, rack mount or panel mount A e r o t e c h Wo r l d w i d e United States • France • Germany • United Kingdom China • Japan • Taiwan AH1212I_TM S22 Aut o m At i o n & C on t r o l / A s u p p l e m e n t t o D e s i g n ne ws A p ril 2013 [www.designnews .com]

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