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GADGET FREAK The Gadget Freak® Files Case #233 ADVERTISEMENT "INLINE CLOCK" Amt Design News | APRIL 2013 | www.d esign n –60– Photo: David Christianson Capacitor; Ceramic; Radial; 22pF; 5%Tolerance; 50V 70079242 DIODE, SWITCH 100V, SOD-27 70012012 MINIATURE POWER JACK; SOLDER LUGS; PLUGS760, 0.08" Diameter, S765 70214330 1 $500 to spend on Allied's website at or anywhere you please. And don't forget to supply us with a high-resolution video file of your gadget in action. E-mail Design News your proposed project (must incorporate electronic components and involve sensing, motion, timing and/ or networking elements) to, along with a description of how it works, a parts list, schematic, photos, and video. If your project is selected, you'll receive a $500 check from Design News and will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine or at with your invention. 70122993 1 Are you a Gadget Freak? Design News and Allied Electronics would like to send you a check for Capacitor; Ceramic; Cap 0.1 uF; Tol 10%; Vol-Rtg 50 VDC; Radial; X7R; Bulk 1 making use of Nixie Tube displays, but a much more rare display exists. It's an electromechanical incandescent display based upon an array of tiny projectors all sharing the same ground glass rear projection plane. The displays make use of a small piece of film and 12 lens systems to project whatever of 12 images you want to provide. In this case the displays show the digits zero through nine and left hand and right hand decimal points. In the 60's these displays cost more than $100 dollars per digit! As the cost and size of these displays would have been prohibitive to build a clock with four or six digits so David Christianson chose to make a single digit display. With an added twist of using a mechanical relay to sound out the hours and mark the quarter hours with variable length clicks depending on 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 past the hour. DN 70067785 2 LOTS OF CLOCKS exist Allied Part # Capacitor; Aluminum Electrolytic; Cap 10uF; VolRtg 16V; Radial; nHg 1 InLine Clock With Electromechanical Incandescent Display Part Description 2 Modular Jack, RJ25, 6 Position, Right Angle PCB Mount, Cat 3, Black 70042934 1 Relay; Miniature; DPDT; 12VDC; 160 Ohm; 12A; 27.5 x 21.2 x 35.6 mm 70245545 1 PowerSupply; AC-DC; 12V@0.5A; 90-264VIn; WallPlug; Retail; Switching; 6W; GSSeries 70069887 12 SS T092 GP XSTR NPN 40V -LEAD FREE 70099744 13 Resistor; Carbon Film; Res 1 Kilohms; Pwr-Rtg 0.25 W; Tol 5%; Axial; Cer-Core 70022897 1 Resistor; Carbon Film; Res 47 Kilohms; Pwr-Rtg 0.25 W; Tol 5%; Axial; Cer-Core 70183356 1 SWITCH TOGGLE SPDT MOM-OFF-MOM SLDR LUG .4VA 70128512 1 Low Power Low Dropout Regulator 70021219 1 18-Pin, 7 KB Flash, 368 RAM, 16 I/O 70045635 1 Crystal; 32.768; + 20 ppm; -0.042 ppm/ degC; 3 ppm /yr (Max.) @25 degC; 12.5 p 70112484 Check out the InLine Clock in action at More of What You Need: Find schematics, build instructions, and a full parts list at Sign up for the Gadget Freak RSS feed and get the posts delivered directly to your desktop at To get Gadget Freak delivered directly to your inbox, go to For parts information. call (800) 433-5700 or go to Sponsored by »

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