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functional test systems, production testing, product quality assurance, flight testing, gas turbine and engine test standards, ground support equipment, hydraulic systems, custody transfer measurements. Omega Engineering inc. SSi interface for Micropulse Generation 7 linear position Transducers For automated machinery where a continuous, absolute position signal is required. Balluff 's Micropulse Generation 7 linear position transducer line includes models with SSI Synchronous Serial Interface. Micropulse SSI-output transducers interface with popular control systems from manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Delta Computer, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, and others. With position resolution to 1 µm, Micropulse SSI-interface transducers are ideal for high performance linear positioning and closed-loop control applications. Micropulse Generation 7 linear position transducers offer improved performance, higher resistance to mechanical shock and vibration, advanced user-configuration options, and are 100 percent backward-compatible to previous Micropulse transducers. Precision Control with the Push of a Button The LS1 Series of position sensors lets you program start– and end–points, slope and offset with two push buttons and status LEDs to get the most accuracy and flexibility for your application's travel length. LS1 Series' non–contact inductive technology delivers long life even in high vibration environments. Key specifications include: • Standard and return spring versions • Stroke lengths 25 to 200 mm (25 to 100 with spring) • Voltage or current output • Absolute linearity ≤ ± 0.1% • Repeatability to ≤ 8 µA or ≤ 5 mV For complete LS1 information visit Novotechnik U.S., Inc. • Telephone: 508-485-2244 • Email: Design News | april 2013 | www.d esign n –58– Features include stroke lengths from 25 mm to 7620 mm, pressure rated to 600 bar; ideal for use in hydraulic cylinders, update rates up to 5 kHz for improved dynamic performance, user-configurable via PC/USB interface. Balluff Micropulse Generation 7 linear position transducers provide accurate and reliable position control signals. Balluff 's non-contact magnetostrictive technology means performance does not degrade over time, as with linear potentiometers. Micropulse transducers are popular in the lumber industry, plastic injection and blow molding, tire and rubber manufacturing, stamping presses, die casting, and all types of automated machinery where a continuous, absolute position signal is required. Balluff inc. aTS Current Transducer/ Switch Users can monitor air handling blowers, pumps, and crushers. NK Technologies' ATS Current Sensing Switch and Transducer series is a one piece solution that combines a limit alarm with an analog output signal transducer to monitor produced or consumed AC current up to 1200A, while magnetically isolating outputs and inputs to maximize safety. An innovative and patent pending rotary switch makes it easy for users to set the trip point. DIN rail mounting simplifies installation and provides an extremely secure mount that is resistant to conductor movement. In contrast, monitoring high current loads often requires a current transformer sized for the maximum current that will be used and the 5 amp secondary of the current transformer is then connected to a shorting block for safety. The connec-

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