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Design Hardware & Software LabVIEW allow developers to choose to display data or expose controls to the users. When users create an interface with the appropriate controls and displays for their specific needs, they get more accurate results while spending less time setting up measurements and interpreting data. keep up. Modern-day tools are being used for most all embedded applications. Some exciting new areas include cloud-based monitoring. Two examples are: Aggregation of Data: If the distance between elements in a system is measured in kilometers as opposed to millimeters, cloud data storage is probably being Not Just a Pretty Face implemented. You are monitorNow, user interface design ing the condition of each of the and tools extend beyond how gearboxes in a wind farm with the controls look — it is essential that they also prohundreds of turbines in this great monitoring application. vide the hardware connectivity and oftentimes analysis Combining a rich monitoring application with cloud built into the control or indicator for rich functionality. storage, you can easily collect, analyze, and compare your The requirements do not stop there, however. Now user data in a single location. interfaces must be portable across operating systems and Access to Data: In some cases, the embedded data devices — from rugged touch-panels to modern-day tab- acquisition or monitoring system being designed is diflet PCs — from Windows OS to embedded Android OS. ficult to access physically. For example, if you were The needs of embedded design interfaces are growing and monitoring the health of a pipeline in a remote stretch of design engineers need to ensure their software tools can Alaska, you would not need to send a technician to log the information and check the status of the system. If that data is being stored to the cloud, you can develop a rich user interface and access it from anywhere, including connected PCs and mobile devices. When evaluating a monitoring software tool for embedded designs, design engineers should find software that includes data visualization and UI capabilities to give them all the tools they need to quickly display data and provide intuitive ways to interact with their custom logic. Users should expect built-in controls that work seamlessly with acquired data so they do not waste time converting and massaging data into new formats NEW video purely for display. When design & brochure! engineers want more than the default look and feel, software From design to operation, the Nord-Lock Group is a world leader in bolt securing. Our innovative should be customizable and solutions include wedge-locking technology and extensible — ensuring they can Superbolt tensioners. Trust the bolting experts for define appearance and behaviors. your critical applications. Before our world was inundated with rich information and vibrant visualization, embedded design applications were hampered by rudimentary user interfaces. Your trusted partner for bolted joints DN For more information, go to www. Design News | april 2013 | www.d esign n –52–

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