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EXAIR Blows Away The Competition! Save Over $1200 Per Year , By Replacing One Outdated Air Nozzle! We've all seen flat air nozzles. Some are yellow. Others are orange. Te oldest ones are blue or metal. Tose other manufacturers want you to believe you'll save money by conserving compressed air while protecting your workers from harmful noise levels. In reality, those colorful air nozzles that blow the air out of holes consume enormous amounts of air. Te plastic ones often break off. Some might even get you an OSHA fine due to the dangerous dead ended pressures that exist if someone blocks the air exhaust. EXAIR's award winning 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle™ has been engineered to replace those outdated flat nozzles. Tere are no dangerous holes. EXAIR's patented, award winning design is efficient, maintaining a precise amount of airflow through a thin slot. Te result is a forceful stream of high velocity, laminar airflow with minimal air consumption and noise. You can increase or decrease the force of each flat air nozzle – using shims to tune it to the application so you'll never waste compressed air. EXAIR now offers a 1" Flat Super Air Nozzle with the same laminar airflow to fit in tighter spaces. Flat nozzles from other manufacturers can consume over 30 SCFM (a refrigerator sized compressor) and aren't adjustable. Some manufacturers offer different flow rates but you need to guess at which one will do the job since you can't adjust them once you've made the purchase. By default, most users feel bigger is better and go with the highest flow rate, wasting compressed air. Here's how: • One popular fat nozzle consumes 31 SCFM @ 80 PSIG. • EXAIR's 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle with .015" shim consumes 21.8 SCFM @ 80 PSIG. • 31 SCFM (theirs) – 21.8 SCFM (EXAIR's) = 9.2 SCFM compressed air saved/min. Most large plants know their cost per 1,000 standard cubic feet of compressed air. If you don't know your actual cost per 1,000 SCF, 25¢ is a reasonable average to use. • SCFM saved x 60 minutes x cost/1,000 SCF = dollars saved per hour. • In this case, 9.2 SCFM x 60 x .25/1,000 SCF= 13.8 cents saved per hour. • 13.8 cents per hour x 24 hours = $3.31 saved per day. • $3.31 per day x 365 days = $1,208.88 saved in one year (in this 24/7 operation). And, This Savings Is For One Nozzle! Air Nozzle Air Consumption Noise Level lbs. of Force @ 80 PSIG dBA @ 80 PSIG Yellow 29 SCFM 83 1.7 Orange 28 SCFM 82 1.7 Blue COMPARE • 2004 Product Of The Year Winner • Your choice of zinc/aluminum or Type 316 stainless steel • Flexible Stay Set Hoses™, swivel fittings and magnetic bases are available • Meets or exceeds OSHA standards • Quietest flat nozzle available • Easy to change the force and flow Theirs (Old Technology) • Can consume over 30 SCFM • Expensive – metal or plastic • No easy adjustment – wasted compressed air • May not be OSHA safe • Significantly louder • Plastic is easily broken 11510 Goldcoast Drive • Cincinnati, OH 45249-1621 Phone (800) 903-9247 • FAX (513) 671-3363 • E-mail: 26 SCFM 78 1.5 Metal (machined) 29 SCFM 82 1.7 Metal (cast) EXAIR's 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle 31 SCFM 80 1.9 62-81 0.5 – 1.9 EXAIR 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle *7.3- 30 SCFM *Air consumption dependent upon shim size. EXAIR's 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle can pay for itself in less than 18 days. Put the 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle to work in your blowof, cooling or drying application. We're sure you'll agree that it blows away the competition! @EXAIR The Guarantee

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