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High-Precision Motion Control High-Accuracy, Zero Backlash Gearhead The CSF-GH Quick Connect Gearhead easily mounts to any servo motor yet maintains all of the benefits of Harmonic Drive™ gearing including 1arc-min accuracy and zerobacklash. A high capacity cross roller bearing is used at the output and is available with either a Shaft or Flange output interface. The gearhead have rated torques of 76 in-lbs to 9,320 in-lbs and peak torques of 343 in-lbs to 46,550 in-lbs depending on size and ratio. Gear ratios of 50, 80, 100, 120 and 160:1 are available. CSF/CSG Precision Gearheads The CSF and CSG high torque Precision Gearhead Series are ideally suited for robotic and machine tool applications. The CSG delivers 30% more torque and 40% longer life while maintaining zero-backlash, 1 arc-min accuracy, and +/- 5 arc-sec repeatability. An accurate, highly rigid cross roller bearing is built in to directly support the external load. A wide variety of sizes and reduction ratios are available with maximum peak torques ranging from 450 in-lbs. to 60,500 in-lbs. Power & Precision SHA Hollow Shaft Actuator • High Torque Density • Brushless Servo Motor • 1 arc-min Accuracy • Harmonic Drive™ Gearing • ±5 arc-sec Repeatability • Integrated Brake • High Capacity Output • 17 Bit Absolute Encoder Bearing SHF/SHG Hollow Shaft Speed Reducers Available in a wide range of sizes, these zero backlash, 1 arc-min accuracy Harmonic Drive™ gearheads enable design engineers to pass shafts, wires, tubing, or other components directly through the center of the gear. They incorporate an output flange supported by a large cross roller bearing, providing exceptional moment stiffness and load capacity. The smallest unit has a hollow shaft I.D. of 14 mm and an outer diameter of just 64 mm. The largest unit of the family has a hollow shaft I.D. of 80 mm and has a rated output torque of 1236 in-lbs, and a peak torque of 6175 in-lbs. Gear ratios from 30:1 through 160:1 are available. Harmonic Drive LLC 800-921-3332 The new SHA series of Hollow Shaft Actuators has the highest torque density of any actuator in its class, yet provides excellent positioning accuracy. Several sizes are available with output torques up to 30,000 in-lb. These actuators are ideally suited for robotics, automation, machine tool, and antenna positioning applications where performance and reliability are essential. Call 800.921.3332

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