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range from a few microliters per dispense up to 768 ml per minute continuous metering. Fluid Metering's valveless, ceramic pumps have only one moving part in contact with the fluid. The sapphire-hard internal components and valveless design of FMI pumps eliminate accuracy drift typical of pumping systems that rely on valves, diaphragms, peristaltic tubing, and pressurized feed lines for fluid delivery. Fluid Metering inc. CliCk here to find out more! faSt, high forCe ima aCtuator Fills high duty cycle need. The compact, heavy-duty Tolomatic IMA integrated linear servo actuator is now available with additional ball screw of- ♦ ♦ ferings that more than double the speed range, from 24 inches per second (610 mm/sec) to 58 inches per second (1,473 mm/sec). The IMA is CE/UL approved. Designed for long life in high duty cycles, the IMA delivers high force in press fitting systems; accurate positioning and quick response in valve and process control; compact, lightweight spot welding; and smooth velocity fluid dispensing. When designed with foodgrade white epoxy coating and stainless steel components (available as catalog orders), the IMA provides corrosion resistance, ingress protection and bacterial growth protection for food and beverage industry applications. The IMA integrates a servo motor into a ball or roller screw-driven actuator to provide efficient high force in a compact, lightweight design. The IMA55 highforce servo linear actuator with roller screw option boosts its thrust capability to 6,875 pounds force (30,470 N). The patented long-life design eliminates the [w w w. de s ig n n e w s . c o m ] need for couplers, adapters, belts and gears and allows for easy re-lubrication without disassembly. Available in four sizes, the IMA line of integrated-motor rod actuators features stroke lengths from three to 18 inches (76.2 to 457.2 mm). Tolomatic ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ april 2013 Aut o mAtio n & Co ntr o l / A s up p le me nt to de s ign news S35

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