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Now oN .com Automation & Control The marketplace is littered with the remains of companies that have tried to make a success of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs). So much so that conventional wisdom has it that something must be wrong with the technology itself; otherwise, there would be successful companies in this space. Energy Efficiency Drives Motor Control Design Trends Today more than ever, energy efficiency dominates many product developments. From auto and truck engines to air conditioning, refrigeration, household appliances (large or small), and beyond, component space is at a premium. Engineering Materials Video: BallCam Puts Football Fans on the Field Researchers in the UK have come up with a way to fabricate solar cells that involves a process similar to spray painting and lowers the price of manufacturing the cells, potentially making them more accessible. Design Hardware & Software It seems that the number of people using apps is growing at a much faster rate than the number of the people writing code. MathWorks software developers have noticed this trend and have redesigned their platforms to meet the needs of app developers. Mechatronics Zone For a suggested retail price of $49, you will be able to ensure every move you make is captured on video. The palm-sized camera MeCam under development at Always Innovating Inc. will follow you around and take videos of you and your friends.You will be able to post these videos to Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, or any other social media site. Football fans are about to get the ultimate view of their favorite sport. A prototype device known as the BallCam might one day enable them to see the action from the ball's point of view, providing a different perspective when a pass sails into the hands of a receiver or a punt falls into the arms of a returner. BlackBelt Wipes Data From Personal Devices With the increasing demand for recycled and refurbished electronics, and the growing phone-selling market online, a need for safeguarding one's private data has become an important issue in a progressively computerized world. Motion Control is Key to OSU's Futuristic Electric Car It's half the size of your average passenger car, corners like it's on rails, and is capable of being folded to fit into a parking spot. Meet the future for the urban electric car. CoNNeCt with Us oNliNe ResouRce centeR WHiTE PAPEr A New Mindset in Product Design: 3D Printing Can Help Bring Products to Market Faster The terms "3D printing" and "additive manufacturing" refer to processes that automatically build objects layer by layer from computer data.The technology is already well-used in many sectors including transportation, health care, military, and education. WHiTE PAPEr The Business Value of Product Data Management Read how executives from Ametek Technical P roducts, VISA Lighting, and others, were able to achieve game-changing business objectives with Product Document Management (PDM). The author, Jim Brown, is the president of Tech-Clarity, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in analyzing the true business value of software technology. WHiTE PAPEr Avoiding Linear Bearing Failure When linear bearing systems fail prematurely, the reason almost always involves an overlooked application error. These errors fall into just five different categories. Left unchecked, these five errors can reduce the life of a bearing by 50 percent or more. Our technical service team has published a new series of technical articles explaining the five causes of bearing failure in detail and offering advice on how to steer clear of them. Design News' System & Product Design Engineering group: Design News' Gadget Freak group: Design News' general Twitter feed: Get Design News' RSS feeds at: and sign up for email newsletters at: Design News | april 2013 | www.d esign n –9–

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