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GADGET FREAK The Gadget Freak® Files Case #232 ADVERTISEMENT "HYDRAULIC PRESSURE/FORCE INDICATOR" Amt Photos: Ed Nauman Cap 100uF 25V Alum Lytic Radial 70187313 Diode Hi Conductance 75V DO-35 70061727 Rectifier 1A 50V DO-41 70217642 1 –68– 70112171 4 Design News | MARCH 2013 | www.d esign n Cap 1000uF 35V Alum Lytic Radial 2 $500 to spend on Allied's website at or anywhere you please. And don't forget to supply us with a high-resolution video file of your gadget in action. E-mail Design News your proposed project (must incorporate electronic components and involve sensing, motion, timing and/ or networking elements) to, along with a description of how it works, a parts list, schematic, photos, and video. If your project is selected, you'll receive a $500 check from Design News and will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine or at with your invention. 70079249 2 Are you a Gadget Freak? Design News and Allied Electronics would like to send you a check for 70122993 Cap Ceramic Mono .01uF 50V 10% 1 that it was guesswork when using a hydraulic press to straighten a piece of material.You apply the force and then you gradually increase the force with each successive try. You usually track the appropriate force by counting the number of pulls on the pump handle. Not very scientific. So Ed created a gadget that indicates the actual force that is applied. The goal was to make the process of using the hydraulic press both quicker and more accurate. DN 0.1uF Film Cap 6 ED NAUMAN FOUND Allied Part # 14 Finding the Right Hydraulic Force Part Description 9-pin D Conn 70126552 2 10-pin Header for ICSP 70042629 7 100 Ohm .25W 1% Metal Film Res 70183614 1 10K Ohm Trimpot 70153559 1 1.0k Ohm 5W 5% 70122893 1 1.2K Ohm 1W 5% 70122868 2 14.7K Resistor 70200544 6 15K Ohm Resistor 70200575 2 Push Button Switch 70128182 3 Terminal Block 70054338 1 2 Pos Terminal Block 70054425 1 PIC16F876 28-pin Pic 70045616 1 5 Volt T0220 Regulator 70021114 1 RS232 Interface 70147291 Check out the hydraulic force gadget in action at More of What You Need: Find schematics, build instructions, and a full parts list at Sign up for the Gadget Freak RSS feed and get the posts delivered directly to your desktop at To get Gadget Freak delivered directly to your inbox, go to For parts information. call (800) 433-5700 or go to Sponsored by »

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