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Flowcode CAD at this step. See the system come to life. Keep in mind, Not every circuit is easily conquered by discrete compocode can change, PCBs cannot. DN nents. Most of the time a microcontroller (MCU) is the best way to go. Although a microcontroller is an easier or For More Information: cheaper option, code has to be written. Programming is Mach3: Multisim: not everyone's forte. One of the most intimidating aspects of engineering can be seeing 10,000 lines of the C or assembly programming language. However, writing code into the wee hours of the night after work is not necessary to break this gem out of the ever-growing bag of skills. Programs can be written visually for almost any microcontroller out there. Matrix Multimedia's Flowcode will write software for PIC, AVR, and 32-bit ARM microcontrollers without Ulbrich has an impressive number of high-performance an engineer placing one line of code. metal products that provide infinite solutions to Flowcode builds programs in a graphprecision industries. By keeping pace with worldwide ical sense, much like a living flowchart. market demand, Ulbrich has always been—and always will Once the flowchart is constructed it continue to be—your trustworthy partner. can simulate the program in any time Our innovation is your strength. frame set. If it simulates properly it should also function in real life. Of course, not following manufacturer's requirements for component placement for the processor might have an effect on its operation. If it's by the book, it will work. If microcontrollers or coding was not a big aspect of the day job, but then suddenly starts becoming one, Flowcode is only a stopgap solution. Learning more about the language or processor in question should be a focus. Nothing is more covered than microcontroller programming and development. Remember, a microcontroller still needs a power supply. So, defer to the circuit design and simulation section. Lay out the components in Multisim and the PCB in Eagle CAD. Design an enclosure in SolidWorks and 3D print it. Microcontrollers are fun and their possibilities are endless. Every electrical component supplier will have evaluation and demo boards of many processors. Grab any PIC dev board and put Flowcode to use. Or even use the PCB created from Eagle PRECISION SPECIALTY STRIP AND FOIL WIRE SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES CONNECTICUT AUSTRIA HONG KONG CONNECTICUT SOUTH C AROLINA SERVICE CENTERS OREGON SOUTH C AROLINA WWW.ULBRICH.COM ULBRICH STAINLESS STEELS AND SPECIAL METALS, INC. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 800-243-1676 INFORMATION@ULBRICH.COM Design News | march 2013 | www.d esign n –61– C ALIFORNIA CHINA CONNECTICUT ILLINOIS MAL AYSIA MEXICO ONTARIO QUÉBEC

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