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Automation & Control performed by downloading a cam profile into a drive and initiating the camming process which is set and runs until a change is made. "The system can trigger I/O status user bits for use in subroutine calls, or I/O triggering on any one point in the cam table," said Summer. "The result is it potentially becomes a programmable cam switch, as well. All of the parameters can be dynamically changed on the fly to improve the performance of the system." Underlying Technology Enablers A key to the development of new motor-integrated drive technology is the availability of power packs based on insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and driven by markets outside of industrial automation. The automotive and solar industries are the impetus behind the technology advancements in the IGBT power packs. This creates a need for power conversion in market areas that have far greater usage. Enhancements in the technology have reduced the switching losses. These devices also have better thermal stability and can be operated consistently over a larger ambient temperature envelope. "When you mount an IGBT power pack on a device that generates heat like a servomotor it is not an ideal combination," said Muehlfellner. "On top of that, the marketplace often requires IP65 ratings that allow the motors to be washed down with both water and chemical solutions. The combination of high voltages and ambient temperatures, plus high IP ratings, is a challenge." ® Some of the material advancements are making the technology manageable for use in the factory. And while the devices are better at handling switching losses, there If you're masking with conventional methods, you know the is more stress on motor winding challenges associated with complex design configurations. Even insulation, although now systems are minute voids in coverage can result in edge-lift and leakage that can switching a little "softer." The result significantly compromise protection. SpeedMask Masking Resins is that the systems are reducing both conform to the most intricate designs faster and more accurately motor stress and electromagnetic than any conventional masking method. They cure in seconds with interference (EMI). UV light and are formulated to withstand the most extreme surface A single cable connecting all of finishing processes. And, they're backed by the Dymax Edge… the necessary signals (high voltage an integrated offering of oligomers, customized adhesives and power, low voltage control power, coatings, cure and dispense equipment, and application expertise and communications) and offering a that enables Dymax to deliver the best solution to the customer. multi-conductor cable that maintains Visit IP65 connectivity has also become an important advantage for these products. DN 8 7 7 - 3 9 6-2988 SpeedMaSk. proof that cuStoMized MaSking SolutionS don't require cuStoMized MaSkS. Design News | march 2013 | 52

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