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forth to do this operation. "What we have done is implement customized firmware within the motor that, once the user sets up the spool width and applications parameters for traversing back and forth, the system does it completely on its own without any user code running," said Summer. These sequenced operations, once the user sets the application parameters, run automatically and free up the user Collaborative & Custom Design Quick Response code to run other operations on the same machine. So a motor could be doing traverse and take-up winding for a film blister pack of material, and then wrapping it on a spool. But while it's doing that, the machine can also run the code that performs additional operations on the package, and essentially provides true multitasking. Another application example of this technology would be electronic camming. Electronic camming is typically Technical Support Source: Moog Animatics OEM machinery builders can use closed-loop PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control of integrated motion control systems to set and maintain a critical tension level while taking advantage of new commands created specifically for winding and spooling applications. Advanced Manifold Assembly Reputation Just In Time Delivery Superior Quality Innovative System Engineering HydraForce puts everything we've got into everything we make. Gain an industry advantage with an innovative blend of engineering expertise, collaborative process, customized design solutions, and superior product performance. When you partner with the most focused electro-hydraulic controls provider, you'll power your operation forward. Lincolnshire, IL, USA 847-793-2300 Birmingham, UK 0121 333 1800 Changzhou, China +86 186 2190 9398 HydraForce Booth 425 15–21 April, Munich

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