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Small size, big pump performance NEW The leader in peristaltic pumps introduces the 114D pump. This new sprung track pump design delivers the performance, reliability and style not previously available in a pump of this size. The 114D joins thousands of off-the-shelf and custom peristaltic pump solutions for: • Irrigation, washing and cooling • Vacuum and aspiration • Reagent dilution and sampling Call for free catalog or trial. 1-800-282-8823 Automation & Control grated motor drives can also connect and work with those different Ethernet networking solutions. In previous IndraDrive Mi products using sercos II, the control was connected to a sercos II master and the system used fiber-optic cabling. But now with the multi-Ethernet capability, systems connect to sercos III masters as the preferred automation bus. MultiEthernet support is a unique feature that opens the possibility to connect to EtherNet/IP, Profinet, or EtherCat and provides the machine builder with greater networking flexibility. If EtherNet/IP or Profinet is the customer's preferred controlled platform, the IndraDrive Mi product can work with those networks and it also provides a method for integrated pneumatic and hydraulic components into a system. Alzayyat said a key application trend is an increased demand for integrated safety on a per-axis basis and options such as "Safe Torque Off " (STO), which provides safe interruption of the torque and field forming motor current within a millisecond. Integrated motor drives are using this capability to implement independent centralized or decentralized safety zones. With IndraDrive Mi, the control electronics are mounted on top of the drive and the safety-on-board feature is a built-in feature. This enables the machine designers to specify different configurations, including either centralized zones where all of the safety components are communicating back to the cabinet for the whole system. Or the user can implement decentralized safety zones defined on a per-axis basis if they don't want the whole machine to be operated in safe mode. Compared to the previous generation of integrated motor drives, there is also support for extended field line I/O and energy-saving options using bus sharing. Fieldline I/O can be mounted in closer proximity to the motor/drive combination, and are usually rated IP69, so that the machine designer doesn't need to keep all of the I/O in the control cabinet and long wiring runs back to the cabinet are eliminated. From an application point of view, Alzayyat said there is interest in larger drives and motors for higher power applications. Right now, Bosch Rexroth carries four different sizes from 1 kW to 5 kW. Smart Motor Technology "The continuing adoption of integrated motor drive technology is resulting in almost every key automation and servo manufacturer coming out with an integrated motor drive product," said Hack Summer, manager of applications technology for Moog Animatics. "But while our product is designed as an intelligent motor, other products are basically operating as a slave device to a master bus protocol." "Our SmartMotor products have a controller and a drive on them, but they can also become the master controller for the entire machine," Summer added. "As a customer adds additional axes to the system, the update rate stays the same because every single axis has its own closed-loop PID process control. One master is not taxed with having to deal with loop closure on all of the other axes." A key technology that Moog Animatics is adding within its system is application-specific firmware capabilities. Systems can use sensory feedback (analog or digital inputs, for example) to determine where and when to perform the motion sequences, responding and reacting to the machine process using specific code stored in the firmware of the motors. One new application that uses this approach is capabilities for traverse and take-up winding. Summer said that typically these systems work with a standard OEM winding machine that provides mechanical solution for traversing back and forth as it is letting out the line on the spool. Or a motion controller is commanding the drive to go back and Design News | march 2013 | www.d esign n –50–

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